Monday, October 31, 2005

Ron's sexy dance

Ron Ng, Twins, Hacken Lee and Stephy Tang were performing at a show yesterday, but the undisputed star of the show was Ron Ng and his sexy (and slightly X-rated) dance with four female dancers.

As part of the dance, the female dancers were all over Ron, stroking his chest, thighs and came close to a rather sensitive part of his anatomy. But Ron remained unperturbed because he was used to this as a professional dancer.

Ron attended the show yesterday with Tavia Yeung and Vivien Yeo, and the bunch of them were half an hour late. Ron indicated that it was not his fault, as it was Shirley that lost her way getting there.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Shirley spends Halloween working

Shirley Yeung was at a Kid Kid Kid fans gathering yesterday, and sang a song “live”. In preparation for her performance, she had doused herself with lost of juice, so that she does not sing off-key. As her schedule is normally packed with filming, she indicated that she normally does not have very much time to practice.

As it was Halloween’s, Shirley was asked if she has any programmes planned. She said she would be working. However, when she was still studying, she would normally accompany her mother to Lan Kwai Fong to take in the sights. She was once frightened by a male Caucasian dressed as a ghost.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Yoyo's amusing incident

An amusing incident occurred when Yoyo Mung was having tea with her mother one day. Her mother had asked where her “love” was, and she had replied that her work was her love nowadays. Actually, her mother was referring to the development of the love plot in the currently airing The Charm Beneath. However, Yoyo was unable to disclose that as she had promised the producer not to reveal anything.

With regards to the (relatively low) ratings for The Charm Beneath, Yoyo felt that what was more important was the public’s praise for the serial. As the plot needed time to develop, Yoyo asked the public to give the plot some time to do so before deciding on a verdict.

Her sentiments were echoed by her co-star, Moses Chan. When asked who he thought would win the Best Actor Award, he said that he was betting on Roger Kwok, who acted very well as Ah Wang. He said that he would not have been able to pull off this role as well.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Gigi sets up a bursary

The cast of The Charm Beneath, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Yoyo Mung and Mandy Cho, were at the Hong Kong Community Chest's "The World's Largest Donation Box" charity event yesterday, encouraging people to donate. Moved by the public's warm-heartedness, Gigi said that she has been blessed, and given now that she has gained some fame and influence, she hopes to pay her dues to society by setting up a bursary to help needy children.

Why a bursary, given that there were so many needy people with different kinds of needs? Gigi smiled and replied that it was because children are the future pillars of society, and if they are well looked after, society would be better off in the future.

Gigi, who was educated in Hong Kong, feels that the island’s educational system needs to be reviewed. The current system was just too pressurising for students. She recalled that she used to cry because of study stress.

As she hoped to do something to prevent more study stress-related suicides among Hong Kong students, she said she would not mind directing or acting in some short videos promoting education to students. “If it would help to get children interested in Maths or History, we could get Moses to act as the Qin Shi Huang (Emperor Qin). Or I could act as a teacher for free,” she said.

When asked when she hopes to set up this bursary, Gigi replied that she hopes to make it a reality within three years. Other than enlisting the help of her fan club, she hopes that more corporations would come forward to support her.

On a separate note, Gigi was asked to comment on The Charm Beneath’s lacklustre performance. The serial’s rating currently stood at 27 points. Gigi replied that public opinion was more important than ratings. In reality, since the serial started airing, Gigi said that she had gained more fans, and she was very satisfied with that.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Raymond and fans get up close and personal

Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu, Kevin Cheng and Sharon Chan were participants at a charity karaoke marathon yesterday evening.

Raymond was in his element yesterday, frequently mixing with fans and sang a total of three songs. He said jokingly that he does not have many opportunities to sing in front of so many people, and in the presence of other singers, he dared not try to show off, and could only do his best. He revealed that to prepare for the event, he had been practising his signature song “Beloved” especially.

Bernice Liu sang only English songs, as she was not fluent in either Mandarin or Cantonese. In the spirit of fun, she said she was not afraid of singing out of tune.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Caught in a bind

Ella Koon and Nikki Chow were guests at a Halloween event yesterday. As both are linked romantically to Ron, the two ladies looked slightly uncomfortable at being photographed together.

Nikki said she was comfortable being photographed with Ella, as the rumours were false, and there was nothing to be embarrassed about. She said that she agreed with Miriam Yeung’s philosophy that bad publicity is better than no publicity. However, she felt a little surprised with the rumour at first, as the media has been quite nice to her so far. All in all, she felt that these rumours would help provide a good learning experience, and help one to grow up faster.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Has Gigi met her Mr Right?

Gigi Lai, Christine Ng and Cathay Tsui were models at a Moiselle fashion show last night. Gigi who was in 4-inch high heels had to walk very slowly as she was afraid of slipping. Gigi joked that being a celebrity spokesperson had its perks; she could save the money she spent on clothes for her “spinsterhood funds”.

She endorses several other brands, and endorsement funds totals up to ten thousand a year. However, as she loves branded stuff, spending tens of thousands on clothes, handbags and shoes, she still has to occasionally dip into her savings to pay for her shopping. Other than shopping, Gigi said that her expenditures on other fronts were minimal, as her date would pay for dinner, etc.

Although Gigi has been very successful career-wise, she has not been so lucky on the romance front. Although she is saving up just in case, she hopes to meet Mr Right soon; and she might just get lucky. “I don’t want to say too much about it, as I’m not sure if he’s interested,” she said. The two were introduced by friends, and according to Gigi, he is not in the entertainment circle.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Ron and Nikki - not involved?

Jan Lam once again showed off his comic timing yesterday, asking Ron Ng, Nikki Chow and Stephy Tang pointed questions that got them all flustered.

Since having been romantically linked with Ella Koon, rumours now have it that he is involved with Nikki, with a photo in a magazine showing them holding hands. When asked about the photo, Nikki dismissed it as a camera angle trick, and they would not have been acting so intimately in public. She also said that although she does not know Ron very well, but because they both belong to the same record company, they would have to partner very often.

Ron has been busy these few months. He has been filming Troubled Times for the past three months, and will be filming Triumph in the Skies II in January next year. He will also be releasing an EP this November.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Fears of bird flu grips Hong Kong

Bobby Au-Yeung, Frankie Lam and Yoyo Mung were filming a scene for Forensic Pioneers yesterday. The scene required them to release peacocks, and with bird flu a real scare, they were understandably very worried.

Bobby, who has not recovered from a flu he caught earlier this month, said that he would be paying his health additional attention. As of now, he takes tonics, tries to stay out of contact with birds, washes his hands and even bathes more frequently! He likens the current fears of bird flu to that of SARS, which gripped Hong Kong in 2003.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sonja and Joe not giving each other gifts

Sonja Kwok, Osim’s celebrity spokesperson, attended a Osim event yesterday. She has been using their slimming belt for three weeks, and although she does not know how many inches she has lost off her waist, she is now able to fit her clothes better.

She is so convinced of the benefits of Osim’s products, that she has bought quite a few to give to friends. For instance, she has bought a slimming belt for Leila Tong as a birthday present. However, she said she would not be giving any to male artistes so as to prevent further rumours from cropping up. When asked if she would be giving any to her “good friend” Joe Ma, she said, “he can buy it himself. After all, he will also get the same discounts.”

Joe Ma, who was attending a software publicity event that day, was also asked if he would by buying any software for rumoured girlfriend Sonja. He, too, said that she could buy her own, and laughed when he was told of Sonja’s similar decision. He said that he generally does not use massagers as he prefers exercising to keep fit.

When asked what his wife thought about the rumours between Sonja and himself, Joe said that he would rather not talk about it, as he did not want to turn this into a soap opera. He guessed that rumours have been rife recently only because he has just had a new serial out and also because of his nomination in the Anniversary Show.

As to who he thinks will win the Best Male Actor Award, he denied having said that it would be Moses Chan, and said that it would most likely be Michael Miu. However, he was also confident of his own chances.

Photo and story stories: Ming Pao News, The Sun, Takungpao

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ella models sleepwear

Ella Koon, Stephanie Cheng and Amanda modelled nightwear at Laneige’s “Sleeping Beauty” themed party. Ella and Stephanie, who were not used to wearing only nightwear in public, kept themselves under wrap for as long as they could.

Fashion designer Ranee K who designed their nightwear was also present at the party. He said that as Ella had a very “sweet” look, he had designed for her a Korean-inspired sleeping princess nightdress for her. Due to its Asian origins, her nightwear was the most conservative of the three.

Ella, who stays alone, says that she does not have the habit of walking around undressed in the privacy of her own home. She said that often buys sleepwear while she was overseas. As to the type of sleepwear she goes for, she replied that due to her respiratory problems, she does not sleep with the air-conditioner on, so her pyjamas must keep her cool while she sleeps.

When asked if she was afraid of being snapped in her pyjamas by the media, she replied that she was not worried as she always has the curtains drawn.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yoyo Mung - single and loving it

Stars of the currently airing The Charm Beneath, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan and Yoyo Mung were interviewed on a radio programme yesterday. The interview touched upon Yoyo’s ex-boyfriends, one of whom is currently married, and another who has just started seeing someone.

When asked if she feels that she has been unlucky in love, Yoyo replied that love cannot be forced, and now, she’s rediscovering the joys of being single. She indicated that she’s currently not seeing anyone, and neither is she in a rush to be in a new relationship.

The interview also asked if she still kept in touch with her ex-boyfriends. She replied that she does keep in touch with some of them, but she did not want to bother them as they have their own lives.

Gigi said that she had fallen in love with cheongsams after filming this serial, and had several tailored for herself while she was still young and fit.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ella – jinxed to be the third party in a relationship?

With Halloween drawing near, Ella Koon dressed up as a witch to attend contract renewal signing ceremony at a beauty salon she is endorsing yesterday. She said that she was very satisfied with her new endorsement contract, which will be for two years.

Ella, who currently weighs 110 pounds hopes to lose 10 pounds to achieve her dream 36-24-36 figure. When asked if she is currently very far off the mark, Ella laughed and replied that she still had some way to go. Currently, she hopes to lose weight around her arms and her hips.

When asked about her sexy look for her ads, Ella replied that people always perceive her as sexy. However, she said that in real life, she is a bit of a tomboy, and she has worn a bathing suit only once.

Recently, a fortune teller commented that based on Ella’s looks, she was a liberal person who has the habit of being the third party in a relationship. When asked to comment on that, Ella replied that with fortune-telling, it was really up to one to believe what they wanted to believe.

Ella also expressed her happiness with a recent court ruling finding some Hongkongers guilty of illegally downloading music from the web. She replied that music and movie piracy was a very serious problem, and hope that the offenders would be severely punished so as to deter future offenders.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Monday, October 24, 2005

Michelle faints after being "assulted"

Michelle Ye hurt her nose on the set while filming the movie Trapped In Love’s Circle with Raymond Wong Ho Yin.

As part of the script, Raymond had to give Michelle a shove. Unfortunately, she hit her nose against a frame, causing it to swell and bleed. Michelle fainted from the initial pain, but decided to press on with the filming.

By the afternoon, the pain had intensified, and Michelle decided to consult a doctor. Her X-ray reports confirmed that she had hurt the soft bones in the bridge of her nose. She is currently receiving outpatient treatment.

Photo and content sources: The Sun

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gigi and Charmaine still foes?

Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam attended a dinner function for everyone involved in the production of Flames Dancing on Yellow Sand yesterday, but cast members Aida Choi, Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Siu and Moses Chan were conspicuously absent. When asked if this would only add to rumours about her bad relations with her co-workers, Gigi said that these rumours were unfounded. Gigi won a journal at a lucky dip during the function.

Photo and content sources:The Sun

Ella and Bondy - Business Partners?

Ella Koon and Bondy Chiu were guests at the launch of Hong Kong Community Chest’s “The World’s Largest Donation Box” yesterday.

Bondy, who is skilled in tattooing, was speaking with Ella to jointly designing piggy banks, and revealed that she was thinking of starting a design business. She revealed that she has been collecting a lot of material in preparation for her business.

Ella recounted how she started her saving habit when she was young. Her piggy banks were always very difficult to open, so when she needed the money, she had to pull the coins out from the coin slot one by one, which was very tedious.

She revealed that since she joined the entertainment business, she has not saved very much because her expenses have increased so much that there was not very much money left over each month. But she said she would not ask the company for more money earning opportunities just to increase her salary.

Photo and contents sources: Takungpao

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gigi vows not be an unmarried mother

Taking time off her busy schedule, Gigi visited three children she has sponsored. However, while posing for photos, one of the children accidentally brushed against a sensitive part of her anatomy, causing much embarrassment.

Gigi, who loves a big family, said that she would have several children when she marries. When asked when that would be, Gigi smiled and said that she was still looking for Mr Right. However, she feels very happy when she’s around children, and said she would never be an unmarried mother.

These three children are the first she has sponsored in Hong Kong, but Gigi revealed that she has sponsored other children as well. She said that she hoped to find time to visit them and to find out how they are doing. She feels that it is not enough to just sponsor children materially and occasionally write them letters; children need love and care to nurture.

Photo and content sources: Takungpao

Problems plague Bernice and Sharon

Kevin Cheng, Sharon Chan, Bernice Liu and Shirley Yeung were at a costume fitting for new TVB period drama The Mighty Swordsman.* Female leads Bernice and Sharon, who are swordswomen in this serial, said that they have been practising for their role, with practice sessions three times a week, four hours at a stretch. Not surprisingly, they are bruised from head to toe.

When asked, Bernice replied frankly that she was more worried about her script than her physical endurance or the fighting scenes. “As you know, my Cantonese is so-so, and the script this time round contains many long idioms. It’s frightening!” she said.

Sharon has been suffering from stomach troubles recently. Worried as she has a family history of cancer, and she finally mustered the courage to visit a gynaecologist. “It was really embarrassing as this was my first gynae examination. Luckily, it was a female doctor,” said Sharon. Luckily, it was merely a scare; test results have shown up negative. With female-related illnesses on the rise today, Sharon urges all women aged 25 years and above to go for their annual gynae check-ups.

*Editor’s note: This is my own translation of the serial’s title, so it might sound rather weird.

Photo and content sources: Takungpao

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Joe sacrifices his $800,000 gym to increase his chances of a win

HK government had ceased Joe Ma’s land ownership of his house due to an unapproved glass structure erected on the roof. He had spent HKD$800,000 designing and renovating the glass structure which has been used as a gym. Because of this, he has refused to tear it down although he received the clearance notice from the related authority 6 months ago. However, to up his chances of winning the Best Male Actor Award at the upcoming Anniversary Show, he has decided to tear down the structure and converted it into a rooftop tree house.

Joe has become one of the hottest TVB actors, and due to his healthy image, the HK government has cast him, together with Aida Choi, in a series of promotional short films. Last year, Joe spent HKD$4 million to buy his Sai Kung penthouse and added the gym so that he and his family can enjoy exercising without any disturbance. However, as this structure infringes housing rules, the government had sent out a few notices asking him to tear down the structure.

Although he has refused to do so the past few months, Joe decided that it was not worth putting up a fight, and was worried that it would affect his reputation (the case had gone public), which would reduce his chances of winning an award.

After tearing down the structure, trees had been planted around the perimeter so that Joe and his family could still enjoy their privacy while exercising.
Story source: The Sun

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Raymond fears being dumped

Raymond Lam and Melissa Ng were shooting a break up scene under the artificial rain for TVB drama It’s Hard to be a Woman. Melissa was choked by the rain and NG many times. She explained that her trachea is infected due to the weather, but she is under medication.

Raymond is dumped by Melissa in the show. When asked if he has been dumped before in real life, he said that he was only in a serious relationship once before, but they broke up as they were always separated.

He said that he has never been in a short-term relationship before. However, he would not be able to accept if he is really dumped by his girlfriend because he would be very committed once he falls in love with the one.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Jewel in the Palace to be turned into a stage performance

Jewel in the Palace fever has spread all over Asia. The Korean drama will be transformed into a stage performance touring Asia from next year onwards. The actual female cast, except Lee Young Ae, will be starring in the performance. Young Ae will be replaced by a new actress for this show.

However, Lee Young Ae will be coming for the preview to lend her moral support. The stage performance will start officially on 20 January 2006, and the first stop will be at Chendu, China, followed by Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. This performance’s run will last for half a year.

To boost the performance’s popularity, the hottest female singer in China will compose its theme song and other background music. In addition, many companies have stepped forward to sponsor the performance. Props, costumes and paraphernalia used in the filming of Jewel in the Palace will also be displayed at the performances.

Korean actress Po En Hui (Lian Sheng) popularity has risen since the show gained popularity around Asia. She is currently busy shooting a new drama with HK singer, Sam Hui and Taiwanese actor, Zhou Yu Min. She has also caught the eye of a skincare company, and she will be shooting for its advertisement as well.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Joey's $28million dollar costume

Joey Yung’s concert, which will currently ongoing, will feature some nifty costumes. Yesterday, she tried on her luxurious diamond dancing costume which was made from 4,630 diamonds, totalling 520 carats. The costume is worth HKD$28million. While trying the costume, she was accidentally scratched by the diamonds.

She said that the diamond costume is very heavy, and she was scared that the diamonds would drop, so there will not be any dancing involved for that song. She has asked her assistant to prepare a torch light for a ‘treasure hunt’, just in case the diamonds drop off. A $10million dollar insurance has been bought for this costume, and there would also be a few armed security guards on standby.

Although her concert has been extended by another 8 sessions, there was still not enough tickets to meet the demand. She said that many of her friends have complained that they were unable to get tickets to her show. However, Joey said that she could not add another session for her concert due scheduling and availability problems. When asked if her parents, who are divorced, would come to give her moral support, she confirmed that they would but they would be sitting separately.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Kenix maintains her looks with spas

Kenix Kwok, Michael Miu and Joyce Tang were the guests at the opening ceremony of La Beaute Spa yesterday.

Kenix says that she enjoys going for spas as they not only help to keep artists looking good but also help to relieve stress. When asked if she ever thought of owning a spa, Kenix laughed and said she would need to find a partner first.

Joyce Tang, who was also at the opening, was there as a last minute replacement of another artist who had to pull out due to rehearsals for the Anniversary Show. When asked if her friend would now owe her a favour, she laughed it off by saying she has already benefited from getting a free spa session.

Photo and content sources: The Sun

Myolie Wu loses her voice while filming

olie, who is currently filming Beauty in Troubled Times 《亂世佳人》in Nanking, is not homesick, but sick of something else; she’s lost her voice for three days now. “I don’t know if it’s due to fatigue or the air quality here, but I’ve never lost my voice before, so this is rather alarming”.

She plays a girl from a poor family in the show, who is no stranger to manual labour, and has to constantly flee from external troubles. Despite the gruelling outdoor shoots the past month, Myolie admits that she has put on some weight. “Maybe it’s because I get to eat three square meals a day and am sufficiently rested”, she said.

With the 39th TVB Anniversary Show slightly more than a month away, Myolie says she will keep fit so as to put her best foot forward.

Source: The Sun, 14/10/2005

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Charmaine's Hawaiian Adventure

Charmaine Sheh was one of the models for a fashion show organised at a skating rink at Kowloon East. Charmaine, who has filmed over 90 serials in the time that she has been with TVB, says that she will be taking a well-deserved, month-long break to visit her mother in Hawaii. She will be leaving after her current filming for Flames Dancing on Yellow Sand wraps up, and she intends to shop, swim and dive during her vacation.

When asked if she has ever gone skinny dipping before, Charmaine admits to having tried in out once in 1993 as where she was staying was pretty secluded.

She says that her mother intends to fatten her up during her stay as her mum has always complained that she was too skinny. “Maybe you won’t recognise me when I return for the Anniversary Show,” she jokes.

Rumours have it that Stephanie Sun also went on a “break” to get married in secret. Charmaine was asked if she was planning to pull a Stephanie Sun. “No, I’m just going on a break”, she replied.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Friday, October 14, 2005

Raymond fails in his marriage proposal

While filming the proposal scene for It’s Hard To Be A Woman, Melissa Ng talks about what she deems as the four basic necessities for a marriage proposal – sincerity, love, flowers and a ring. “If this [the scene] was real life, Raymond would definitely have failed”, she says.

Although in the show, Melissa is much older than Raymond, but in real life, he says that he minds having an older woman as his girlfriend, even if it’s only a 3 to 4 years age gap.

When asked if he had ever liked someone older, he replied that he had had crushes on older female classmates while in school. However, he recalls his most unforgettable experience 13 to 14 years ago, when he visited Korea with his uncle. “This older girl wanted to “communicate”, but of course I didn’t. Actually, I didn’t really understand what she was trying to say to me”.

Photo and content sources: The Sun

Moses Steals the Show

The new TVB serial, The Charm Beneath, is slated to air this coming Monday, with a cast that includes Moses Chan, Gigi Lai and Yoyo Mung. Despite the beautifully cheongsam-clad actresses, it was a bald-headed Moses Chan that stole the limelight at a recent publicity event.

Together with Gigi Lai, he also sang the show’s main and sub-theme songs at the event.
Moses has received four nominations for the Leading Actor Award at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Show. “I was surprised when I heard that I received that many nominations”, said Moses, “however, I did film many series last year.” When asked how he thought he performed, Moses said that he would rate himself 60 out of 100 and that there was still room for improvement.

When asked who he thought was his main rival, Moses replied that it was Roger Kwok, but he wished him well nonetheless. On his rumored girlfriend’s, Bernice Liu, three nominations, Moses said he wishes that she would win the Most Improved Female Artist Award.

Although Gigi Lai had cut a music record 10 years ago, she has not sung in public all these years, so when she was asked to sing the theme song for The Charm Beneath at the publicity event, she said she was rather worried if she could take the pressure.

Gigi says that she believes the show would do well. When asked if she hope to win a Leading Actress Award for her role in this show, she says she can hope. However, as professionals, they would always perform their best, even without awards. When asked who she thought had the greater chance among all the Leading Actress nominees, she said that everyone had an equal chance, but veteran actress Lisa Wang stood out from the crowd.

Photo and content sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bernice loves them fast

Sonja Kwok, Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu and Winnie Yeung attended a Ferrari and Maserati event. The ladies were beautifully dressed to the nines.

Bernice said that when she lived in the US, she has owned a car since she was 20. She loved to drive fast, clocking speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. However, she has not dared to drive so quickly in Hong Kong. When asked if a Ferrari or a Maserati was her dream car, she laughed and said that she has not saved enough to buy one.

A visibly slimmer Sonja has dropped to her current weight of 107 pounds from 119 pounds. She evaded questions about her diet, saying that it was all natural. When asked about cars, Sonja says she does not like to drive very fast, but prefers to drive slowly to enjoy the wind and the ride.

Photo and content sources: Takungpao