Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Michelle believes that TVB can't be that petty

Recently, Michelle Ye has fronted two serials that are airing on TVB and ATV. While TVB seems to have chosen to leave Michelle out of their publicity efforts, ATV has not. To that, Michelle could only grimace and suggest that TVB might have other plans for publicity.

Next month is a good period for Michelle. Not only will her movie Moonlight in Tokyo 《情義兩心知》 with Leon Lai be screening, her two serials The Herbalist Manual and Central Affairs are also showing on TV. Although the two serials are not airing at exactly the same time, nonetheless, it was difficult for TVB and ATV not to display their rivalry. With TVB choosing to leave the lead actress (Michelle) even out of TV trailers for The Herbalist Manual, it show that TVB was not that gracious after all.

At the dinner yesterday, Michelle tried to explain that this might all be a miscommunication, and that she felt that TVB would not be so petty. Michelle’s outfit yesterday was extremely casual. When asked she said that her outfit the day before was quite sexy, but it was not necessary to always were something with a deep “V”.

Director Wong Jing would be filming a new horror movie, Policeman with a Third Eye 《鬼眼刑警》,and Michelle and Pinky Cheung would be starring in that.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Ron says that men's underarm hair makes them manly

Ron Ng, Stephy Tang, and Jan Lamb attended a male beauty function yesterday. On stage, Ron and Jan were given a free skin analysis. Ron expressed confidence of the results, because other than his exposure to the sun, and the amount of water he drinks, he uses a mask at least three times a week.

With regards to Ron’s dark complexion, Jan asked, “Do you get your tan from tanning beds/lights? It seems that the darker the TVB newcomer actors are, the more popular they are!” Ron laughed and said that he got his tans naturally – from the sun.
Ron also revealed his beauty regime and said that he always uses a mask, particularly for his eyes. He said, "I usually use tea bags and cucumbers to get rid of the black bags under my eyes."

English soccer player David Beckham had made news when he said that he trimmed his underarm hair in the name of looking good. When asked if he would do the same, Ron said that the hair was an expression of manliness. He said that for him, he did not find it messy, but if his future wife asks him to shave it off, he would consider it!Stephy feels that men these days are more concerned with their looks, but she also shares Ron’s views that men with underarm hair were more manly.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Raymond's Birthday Party

Raymond Lam's birthday is on the 8th of next month, but because he has work scheduled for that day, he celebrated it with his fans earlier at a hotel, there were approximately ten tables of people. The celebration on that day, besides HK fans, there were also fans from Taiwan, Mainland, Malaysia and Singapore, each person even brought a present. Since his fans and manager wanted to give Raymond a surprise, the birthday boy didn't know anything about it beforehand.

Yesterday, Raymond appeared in a suit, to give him a surprise, he was blindfolded when he walked in, then over a hundred of his fans sang a birthday song to him, making him very happy. When cutting the cake, he expressed that he still feels very emotional and thanks all the love and support that his fans have given him.

Of course, Raymond returned gifts to his fans, therefore a fan requested for him to sing to them and Raymond sang two songs there.With fans from different regions, Raymond wished to hear "Happy Birthday" in different languages; Raymond is from XiaMen, so some fans even brought him some small treats from there, there were even treats there for Ron Ng, asking Raymond to give it to him.

Asking what birthday wish Raymond has, he expressed that he would like to have an album coming out by next year, actually besides being his wish, it's also his fans' wish as well, he has signed under Paco Wong a few years ago, but even up to the expiration date of his contract, he still hasn't presented an album. At the end of December, he'll be going to Mainland filming a new series, "Tai Chi" for about three months, the fastest time, he'd have to wait until he comes back from that, but he's prepared and ready to go, he's already starting to train his voice. Raymond expressed that he still has four series that haven't been aired yet, so he hopes he can concentrate on recording songs.

Also lately, a magazine has taken shots of Raymond and Sharon Chan out getting drinks together, therefore comes rumours, the host of the birthday party, Cheung Chung Zhi, asked representing his fans and Raymond denied the matter and said there's no such thing.

Credits to RM. Daily. Check out the site here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kenix pulls out from filming Tai Chi

Kenix Kwok and Ron Ng were guests at the 2005 Supermodel of the World competition yesterday. Kenix performed a song be Joey Wong, and although she had planned to wear a sarong on stage, due to the windy conditions, she was afraid that the skirt would flip up and had to wear a jacket over her outfit instead.

Kenix would be visiting Vietnam later on to be a judge at a beauty contest. When asked if she was afraid of contracting bird flu, she said she was not too worried as long as she observed strict personal hygiene and was careful with what she ate. After Vietnam, she and her husband would be visiting Yunan to visit the poor children there, and just in case, she would take the precautions of getting a flu jab.

Not filming Tai Chi

Kenix had once “promised” TVB to film the new serial Tai Chi with Chiu Man Cheok next month. However, it was rumoured that because she was unhappy with the Best Actress Award going to Lisa Wang, she has cited China’s unbearable conditions as an excuse not to film the serial. Her last-minute pull-put has caused a scramble to replace her, and now, all eyes are on whether her actions would cause TVB to boycott her.

When asked to comment on the issue, Kenix thanked TVB for the opportunity given, but because of the clash in her schedule, she is unable to act in the serial. “Actually, there wasn’t any confirmation regarding how long the filming would be previously. Now, given that I would have to film in China for 4 months, it would be way too long, and would affect my performances for Christmas and the New Year.”She said that she could not stop people from saying that she is doing this in retaliation for her loss, but she said that TVB was a reasonable boss.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao, The Sun

Niki was sickly as a child

Niki Chow attended a health event yesterday in her role as a health ambassador, spending time with over 800 kids and their parents, educating them about stopping the spread of infectious diseases. The outgoing and active Niki revealed that when she was young, she was frequently sick. Her respiratory system was never very strong and she was warded into hospital twice for lung infections.

She thanked her mother for her alertness, as she would bring her to the doctor immediately even when the symptoms were slight, thus preventing her illness from becoming more severe. In order to build up her health, she tried to find time to exercise. She also credited her mother’s great soups for her good health now.Niki also organised a storytelling session for the children, with the winners personally receiving their prizes from her. After the prize-giving ceremony, Niki was surrounded by children who wanted to take a group photo with her as a keepsake.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Bernice greets Xmas with $6.3 million worth of jewels

Bernice Liu will be a performing guest for a Christmas lighting ceremony tomorrow, and she will be performing the waltz for the first time. Yesterday, she practiced with the famous dancing instructor, Heinz Heidenreich.

Even though Bernice has never learned the waltz before, she did not find it difficult to pick up due to her dancing background. Bernice revealed that she would be wearing jewellery costing $6.3 million. What she was worried most was dancing in her 3-inch high shoes. When asked if her outfit tomorrow would be sexy, she said that looking good was important; sexiness was secondary. Anyway, sexiness, she said, was a matter of perspective. No matter how high the neckline, if it is viewed from three floors above, it would be a deep V.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Myolie doesn't mind being a housewife

Yesterday, Myolie Wu attended a press conference for an electronics brand. When asked to comment on the rumours about her and Bosco, she said it was a happy misunderstanding. “Those old rumours! I won’t go out of my way to avoid Bosco. At the very most, I’ll take his car less often,” she said. She clarified that there had been a lot of events around the time of the TVB Anniversary, and her car had broken down. That was why she had taken a lift from Bosco, she said.

When asked why she did not find a “free” chauffeur (i.e. boyfriend), Myolie said she would not if she had no feelings for the person. Since she was going to be filming in China for three months, now was not a good time to consider such things. However, as she was attending a friend’s wedding later on, she revealed that if she found a good husband, she did not mind being a housewife.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

TVB Ratings for 21 - 27 November

1. Life Made Simple ( EPS 21- 25 ) - 34 pts; Peaking at 37 pts

2. The Charm Beneath ( EPS 26 - 30 Ending ) - 32 pts; Peaking at 36 pts

3. Always Ready ( EPS 01 - 05 ) - 25 pts

4. Yat Yat Yau Sat San - 24 pts

5. The Unforgettables - 24 pts

6. Movie Spiderman - 24 pts

7. Scoop - 23 pts

8. Tuesday - 22 pts

9. Secrets Of Soups - 21 pts

10. News Report - 21 pts

11. Women On The Run ( EPS 19 ) - 18 pts

Credits to Kitson. Visit his blogsite here.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Michelle's sexy outfit for Central Affairs publicity event

ATV’s Central Affairs would be airing in Hong Kong tonight at 10pm, and yesterday night, the cast attended an elegant event on a luxury cruise yesterday. Michelle Ye and Pinky Cheung wore low-cut gowns. Not to be outdone, so did cast members Miriam Leung and Zuki Lee. An awards ceremony was held aboard the ship, and Pinky was awarded with an “S”. She said she assumed that that was because the company thought she was super.

Patrick Tse, on seeing the sexy outfits of the ladies, exclaimed, “I can’t take it anymore!”, before rushing on stage to embrace the ladies for a photo. He also planted kisses on Miriam and Pinky. When asked to critique the ladies, Patrick laughed and said, “Everyone is great in their own way. Michelle is more womanly, while Pinky is more gorgeous. I don’t mind either of them, but that’s not going to be possible!”

Michelle’s accessories for the night were sponsored, with sponsorship dollars in the region of a million dollars. The diamonds in her watch, ring and earrings added up to over 80 carats, and the sponsor dispatched four bodyguards for Michelle. However, as Michelle had to dress up before making her way to the cruise, and given the crowds on site, Michelle had to opt for safety and she only wore the diamonds after boarding the cruise. When asked if she was dressed to redress her defeat by Pinky at the last ATV event, Michelle emphasized that the outfit was pre-determined, and she did not dress to compete.

With TVB’s The Herbalist Manual slated to air at the same time, reporters asked Michelle if she had been invited to attend the series’ publicity events. She replied that she had not been contacted, but she was not disappointed as she could then focus on promoting the ATV series as well as her telemovie I Know How You Feel 《情义我心知》.

Despite Michelle’s diamonds, Pinky in her sexy gown easily outshone Michelle, even though her sponsored jewellery cost only a fraction of Michelle’s. Responding to earlier rumours that Pinky was unhappy with ATV’s management, she replied that it was a misunderstanding, and that her relationship with ATV remained strong.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao, Ming Pao Daily

Frankie and Kenix to spread cheer in Yunnan

Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung and Bobby Au-Yeung were filming a scene for Forensic Heroes at a roadside eating stall yesterday. Yoyo took the initiative to treat the cast and crew to dinner which cost her $500, and said also she would organise a barbeque for everyone.

Frankie and his wife would be visiting Yunnan later to help the poor. He said, “After so many years, we can say that we have achieved something. We now hope to spread happiness to those who are in need. As we are visiting the poor children in Yunnan, we have managed to get friends to sponsor stationery and toys.”

As to Lo Kar Ying’s defence of Kenix earlier and subsequently, him being branded by Lisa Wang’s fan as the “World’s Worst Man”, Frankie said that he felt that big brother Kar Ying should be branded as the “World’s Best Person” instead.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Ekin's happy that Always Ready is well-received

Ekin Cheng attended a Canon photo event yesterday and was given by the sponsors Hong Kong’s first TVB digital camera. He revealed that this is his third year as the sponsor for Canon, and he has been lucky to receive latest camera models.

Although the ratings for Always Ready are still unknown, the show has been well-received, and has become a talking point at many social forums. When told about that and also that the public was anxiously awaiting his relationship with Charmaine Sheh to unfold, he said that he was very happy, and asked the audience to be patient as the relationship was going to develop.

When asked if they would be filming a sequel, he said it was unlikely that a similar show would be filmed within the next ten years, as there were many regulations involved.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Myolie hopes to find a husband for her sisters

Myolie Wu and Niki Chow attended an event at Kowloon Park yesterday. Myolie revealed that she is saving money to buy a house, and said that even if she were to change jobs or to get married, she hoped to continue staying with her two elder sisters. Although currently not dating, Myolie was more concerned about her sisters’ single status. “There are more females than males in Hong Kong, and more men are marrying women from the mainland. I hope to introduce a good guy to my sister!”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Charmaine mobbed in Malaysia

Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and the cast for War and Beauty were in Malaysia recently to promote the serial. They performed songs on stage, and shook hands with fans gathered there.

However, when Charmaine walked towards her fans while performing a song, she was mobbed. She was heard saying, “That’s enough!” and giving a scream, and she then made for the safety of the stage. On the way however, she screamed two more times.. It turned out that her fans, in a fit of enthusiasm, had pulled on her hair. She thanked her fans for their support, but said that they had almost pulled her hair out. Gigi, who had undoubtedly learned from Charmaine’s experience, stayed alert while walking down the stage during her song, and as a result, she finished without an incident.

Later on, Charmaine invited one male and female fan up on stage for a photo with her, but not before warning the guys not to hold her waist or wrap their arms around her shoulders.

Although the artists performed enthusiastically, their singing drew criticisms. Moses’ singing was likened to “pulling a cow up a tree”, Gigi was too stiff while Maria Chan was off-key.

Story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily, Sing Pao Daily. Photo sources: Kwong Wah Daily (Malaysia)

Raymond denies dating Sharon

Raymond Lam and Sonjia Kwok attended TVB's Series DVD Promotion event yesterday. Replying to earlier rumours that Raymond and Sharon Chan were dating, he denied it saying that he treated Sharon as a little sister.

He said, "We both belong to the same manager, and we call each other ‘Ah Gor’ (brother) and ‘Ah Mi’ (sister). Siblings having dinner together is a very normal thing.” When asked if there was a chance of things developing further, he said that it was not likely as they’ve known each other for too long.

Raymond who is currently single is in no hurry to find a girlfriend. He feels that such things cannot be rushed, and since his career was just taking off, he was in even less of a hurry. He said that girls have taken the initiative to ask him out before but that only scared him off. “You know, girls these days are pretty forward! My mother has even asked me to be careful going out at night!” So, what’s his type? Raymond was rather picky saying that they had to be young and feminine, smart but not too smart.

Sonja who won a prize during the Anniversary Show’s lucky draw said she would be buying dinner for her fellow artistes. When asked if she would be inviting Steven Ma to the dinner, she smiled and said that the invitation was open to everyone.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Niki's and Bernice's paths cross at Sony Show

Niki Chow and Bernice Liu both attended Sony’s Photo Imaging Asia 2005 event yesterday to publicise the products. Since the Anniversary Show, rumours have been rife about Niki’s win over Bernice, and their paths crossed once more yesterday.

On the ground, Niki made her appearance flanked by two ninjas, while Bernice had a posse of models to pave her path. With the stir caused by the models, the ‘victory’ for this round went undoubtedly to Bernice. When asked if she knew that Niki was also attending that event, Bernice replied that she had not bumped into her, but even if they did, she would not feel awkward at all.

She also said that recently, she had fallen in love with collecting antique cameras, and had gotten her two cousins to be models for her own nostalgic photo shoot.

Niki on the other hand, said that Polaroid cameras were the most practical inventions ever, and said that her wish is to do a nude photo shot while pregnant (a la Demi Moore), as she felt that such shots depicted maternal warmth and love.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ron has arrived!

Ron Ng filmed a commercial for an electronics store yesterday. It turned out that he had filmed a prior commercial four years ago when he was still a dancer. However, four years later, his fees has increased many fold, and was now earning a cool 6-digit figure this time round. It was little wonder that Ron felt that he had finally “arrived”!

The new commercial will be based on Ron’s best skill – dancing – and a trampoline. Dance choreographer, Danny, had also been invited to create some signature moves for Ron for this commercial.

Ron said that although filming for the previous commercial was tough, he was happy to have been able to earn extra cash. He said that perhaps because of that, the boss of the electronics store remembered him, and hence, his invitation to film the new commercial.When asked how he spent the money earned the last time round, he said that they went into paying his credit card bills. As for the fees this time round, it would be used to pay his rent, upkeep his car, and the rest will be saved as he hoped to eventually buy a place of his own.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Michelle and Pinky outfit battle on the red carpet

The stars of ATV’s Central Affairs created a stir yesterday at the premiere of the serial, arriving in flashy cars, walking down the red carpet, and with the females sexily clad despite the cold.
Pinky Cheung arrived in a gold, plunging top and gathering the most attention. Michelle was no loser as well, but she her sexy top was covered with a fashionable shoulder cape. It was only after much prodding from her co-stars during the event that Michelle removed her cape.

Commenting on news of unhappiness on set between the two female stars, both denied the rumours. Michelle laughed and said that it was good that Pinky had won the battle today, as Michelle was the winner in the serial.

When asked about her two serials airing at the same time next week, she replied saying she was very honoured. “Central Affairs was the first serial I’ve filmed since going solo, while The Herbalist Manual was my last serial filmed with TVB,” she said. Michelle also said that she had not received any invitation by TVB to publicise The Herbalist Manual.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Frankie at The Herbalist Manual publicity event

Frankie Lam and Kenneth Ma was at publicising the upcoming airing of The Herbalist Manual at a herbal shop in Central yesterday. Dressed all up in his ancient China physician outfit, and doling out packets of medicinal herbs, Frankie in action was indeed an eye-catching sight to behold.

In response to Lo Yar Ying’s support for his wife, he said he hoped to catch Kar Ying at a soccer game later that day to talk about it. When asked if he was happy that Kar Ying has defended Kenix, he said that all the nominees had their supporters. Even in Kenix’s case, they have had members of the public approaching them and asking Kenix not to take it to heart.

Kenneth has recently been snapped while on a date with Margie Tsang, and when asked about that, he stressed that they were just friends. He agreed that he has been scared off by the media spotlight on them, however, he does not intend to hide anything, and they still meet up when they have the time. He laughed and said that if anyone manages to photograph them kissing, that would mean they were dating. Unfortunately, no one has managed that so far.

Michelle Ye, a member of the cast, was not present at the publicity event yesterday. The producer indicated that he had contacted her about the event, but as she was busy filming a serial now, and with ATV’s Central Affairs about to air soon, she was in a difficult position.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Kenix and Frankie thanks Kar Ying for his comments

Recently, Lisa Wang’s good friend Lo Kar Ying mentioned publicly that Lisa did not really deserve her win for the Best Actress Award, and that Kenix should have won instead. His comment has earned a major uproar from Lisa’s fans. In response to his comments, Kenix replied that she is very grateful that someone who is as capable as him has said something like that, but she implored fans to stop bickering and to live in harmony. “The entire incident is now over, and everything is not important anymore. Everyone was equally as deserving,” she said.

Kenix was dressed in black yesterday, and she had to fend off reporters’ repeated questions on whether her dressing reflected her depression following her loss. Meanwhile, Frankie Lam has come forward to thank Kar Ying for his defense of his wife, saying that he would return his favour one day.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Friday, November 25, 2005

Maggie leaving show business for a year and a half

Maggie as she looks now

Maggie before her illness

Maggie Cheung and Sammi Cheng, who co-starred in the movie Everlasting Regret, have both fallen ill after the filming. Sammi has been stricken with a parotid gland infection, while Maggie is down with a thyroid disorder. Comparatively, Maggie’s condition is much worse and Sammi is still able to work while receiving treatment. Maggie, on the other hand, would be stopping work for at least a year due to her illness.

Maggie has paid a high price for her role in the show, and although her condition has somewhat improved – her eyes are not as bulging and her face is not as bloated as before, her looks are still not up to par as an artiste. In order to prevent audiences from viewing her negatively because of her looks, she has decided not stop work temporarily for a year and a half.

Of course, Maggie admits that the work disruption would have some impact on her career. However, she rationalized it by saying that with her sickness, she would not be able to take the pressures of work anyway, and she would not do a good job.

When asked what she thought were the causes of her illness, she feels that stress and mood swings were the biggest culprits. She said, “When I returned to Hong Kong after filming Everlasting Regret, I found that my face was fuller. At first I comforted myself by saying that it was ok to have put on some weight on my face and it was too skinny previously. However, I went for a medical check-up and found out I had this condition. The doctor told me that my illness could hibernate, but could also flare up anytime.”

She said that during the filming, her beloved dog died due to old age. When she found out that her dog was dying, although she was very upset, she could not take leave to visit her dog for the last time due to her heavy filming responsibilities. She believed she fell sick as a result of her stress and worry.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, 24/11/2005

Sammul stunned about rumours of Boscolie romance

Sammul Chan was a host for the opening of a new Reenex branch store yesterday. He shared that when he attended his good friend's wedding earlier, he was moved and had a sudden urge to get married. He said that he wanted his girlfriend to be from outside the entertainment circle. When asked if his relationship being revealed by the paparazzi, he said that it would depend if he wanted people to know about it.

When asked about the rumours surrounding Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong, he was stunned and said, "What? Is it real? How sweet! I hope she's happy to find a new boyfriend!” However, he said that when he was filming with Myolie earlier, he could not detect anything going on between the two.

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Bernice and Bosco films outdoor scene

Yesterday Bernice Liu and Bosco Wong filmed an outdoor scene for their new series The Mighty Swordsman. In the plot, the two would fall for each other and Bosco would give Bernice flowers to declare his intentions. With recent rumours about Bosco and Myolie Wu, it was little wonder that Bernice did not accept his flowers. Bernice also attended the Christmas Light Up last night and sang Christmas songs on stage. This is Bernice’s first Christmas light-up in Hong Kong and she finds Hong Kong’s light up very much more beautiful than Canada’s.

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Ella models at a hair show

Yesterday, Ella Koon was a model at a hair show, showing off Pro Colour’s latest hair colours. As she was all covered up, her limelight was ‘stolen’ by a foreign model who was dressed more sexily. Ella said she did not mind not being in the limelight. “When I entered the circle, I was prepared to have to sell my sex appeal. However, having been in the business for two years already, I now plan to take the middle road,” she said.

Ella recounted her early days as a struggling model when she would have to model in shows at unknown, obscure bars with barely 20 people in the audience. She said that those days were really tough, but she was now happy that she has succeeded and had even had fans.

Ella would be paying taxes for the first time this year, and she was rather ignorant about how much she had to pay. She believed that she would not be paying too much, even though she was earning a fair bit, as her expenses had gone up. When her assistant told her that she would have to pay at 6-digit figure for her taxes, she was rather shocked and pained at the thought of paying the huge amount. She felt that it was rather sad and meaningless to have to work so hard to earn money which then would be eaten up by the taxes.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Singpao News

Bobby's and Yoyo's kissing scene

Bobby Au-Yeung and Yoyo Mung were filming a kissing scene for their latest TVB series Forensic Pioneers. Bobby, who loves playing tricks on Yoyo was very nervous about the scene, and Yoyo, sensing that her opportunity for revenge had arrived, purposely acted as a “wanton” woman. Bobby was so nervous that he had to drink three glasses of water to calm him down.

This was not the first kissing scene for the pair, with their first being in Armed Reaction IV. Bobby had jokingly referred to Yoyo as an “old dish”, (i.e. they had kissed before so this time round, there as nothing new or fresh). In the spirit of fun, he also ordered pungent dishes that would certainly have ‘flavoured’ their kissing scene. Yoyo retaliated by saying that whether he ate those dishes or not, his mouth smelt anyway, and she had prepared a mouthwash to disinfect after the scene.

Before filming the scene, Bobby continued with his antics and tried to scare Yoyo by pretending to be a ghost. When it was time, Bobby was visibly nervous. Yoyo paid Bobby back by pretending to be wanton and screamed out to Bobby, “Come on baby!” When they were just about to kiss, Yoyo said to Bobby, “You’ve got stuff in your eyes!” This made Bobby even more anxious. As the director needed to shoot the scene from different angles, Bobby and Yoyo had to kiss over 10 times. Bobby said he did not mind Yoyo’s mischief as he said that actors were normally nervous when it came to kissing scenes, and Yoyo’s actions helped to relax the atmosphere.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Winnie's latest to-be gift from her husband - a $400,000 flat

Winnie Yeung has such a doting husband! While at a jewellery show earlier, Winnie had forgotten her earrings, and her husband promptly bought her a HK$14,000 pair of earrings. Now, he is considering purchasing an upmarket flat at Repulse Bay costing over HK$400,000 for the love of his life. Married to an ex-horse trainer, Winnie has been basking in domestic bliss, especially after the birth of her daughter.

The couple currently live at Race Course Road, but have been planning to move to a bigger place. However, Winnie finds the location of the flat a little out of the way, and it would be inconvenient for her as she shuttles between work, home and her parents’ place (they would be helping her to look after her daughter).Winnie would be filming a new series soon, and when asked if she felt sorry she would have lesser time to go house-hunting, she replied that that was a small issue. The larger problem would be that she would have lesser time to spend with her daughter.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Bosco and Myolie dating?

Recently there has been hot news about Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong, saying that Myolie has sought solace in Bosco after breaking up with her boyfriend of four years. Although both of them have denied the relationship, but when whether anything further would develop later, Bosco replied that as of now, they were just friends.

Rumours that they have grown close since the filming of War of In-Laws (WOIL) intensified after the Anniversary Show, when they were snapped holding hands. Bosco said of the rumours, “This is not the first time. It happened once already when we were filming WOIL. As for us holding hands during the anniversary show, everyone was doing it too, so there’s nothing to be surprised about. But I don't mind, I'll just consider it as publicity for the show.”

As to reports that he had driven Myolie home, he said that it was only common courtesy between friends. “Don’t tell me that you expect a girl to see me home?” he asked. For him, work is of top priority right now, and he and Myolie are just friends. When asked if she felt that they looked compatible, Myolie laughed and said that it might be because their roles in WOIL were very compatible. When asked if Bosco was courting her, Myolie said that she did not think so. After all, he was very busy, and she was going to film Tai Chi in China later on.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Kenix not one to take the easy way out

Kenix was at the correction facility, of which she is the ambassador of, yesterday, fulfilling her ambassadorial duties. During her time at the facility, Kenix did not reveal anything on whether she has been affected by her loss at the Anniversary Show.

While she was sharing with the inmates about her personal experiences, she revealed that she did not come from an extremely wealthy family, but she felt that as long as one did not expect too much of oneself, one could still find a job and lead a stable life. When asked why she has then chosen such a tough road for herself, Kenix said that it was not in her nature to take the easy way out. Later, Kenix revealed that she did not prepare a script beforehand, and whatever she said came straight from her heart.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Nikki's not bothered about the comments or how she looks without makeup

Nikki Chow revealed yesterday during a radio interview that she had not acted for a while. As for all the comments and rumours surrounding her win, she said that she has not been negatively affected by them; in fact, she has been congratulated by strangers from the street on her win while shopping. She feels that it is positive that at least there are people who bother to care about the rumours.

Nikki would be attending several music awards ceremonies this end of the year, and she said she would not be wearing sexy outfits to them as they were not part of her style. When asked if she would consider doing a photo autobiography on herself, she said that if she did, the photos would definitely not be sexy. In fact, she feels that the photos can feature her sleeping or sans make-up. She is confident of how she looks without make-up; in fact, she has received compliments before that she looked better without.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nikki's low key celebration

Ever since Nikki Chow stole the Most Improved Actress Award from Bernice Liu, rumours have been flying around mercilessly. Although Nikki seemed impervious to the criticisms, the normally chatty and friendly her behaved out of character by refusing to a press interview at a Causeway Bay Shanghainese restaurant. Nikki was actually having a low-profile celebration of her win with some co-workers, but she downplayed it as “a dinner with colleagues”. As for Bernice who was filming her new series The Mighty Swordsman, she was asked to comment on reports of her complaining about her loss to Raymond Lam. She denied that and said they were merely having a meal together.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Michelle's addicted to golf

Michelle Ye was invited as a guest host yesterday, and invited Gilbert Lam to her interview show, as they had gotten along well during the filming of ATV’s Central Affairs.

Next week, Michelle will have two serials airing on TVB and ATV, The Herbalist Manual and Central Affairs respectively. As they two serials were of different genres, and they were airing at different times, Michelle hopes that the ratings for both serials would do well, and she said that she was very confident of her co-actors’ ability to raise the ratings.

Both Michelle and Gilbert were once part of TVB, but they had never filmed a serial together before. Gilbert, who is also the vice-president of the celebrity’s golf club, has infected Michelle with the love of the game, with Michelle sparing no expense (several tens of thousands of dollars) in buying the necessary gear.

When asked if she was afraid of getting complexion darkened due to exposure to the sun, she said she was not worried as she is quite an outdoorsy person by nature. She was also asked if she hoped to meet a rich man on the golf course. She replied that that was definitely not her intention. She said she hoped that playing golf would help to lift her out of her depression that has been bugging her since the filming of Central Affairs.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Ella's not into younger men

Ella Koon was attending a radio interview interview yesterday when she was asked to comment on Master So’s (a fortune teller) prediction that her future husband would be younger than her. He would apparently also be a quiet, affectionate, gentle and modest man. Ellla replied that she probably would not want to marry a man who was gentler than her, and revealed her preference for mature, steady men. However, Ella’s top priority now is her career, and she is intent on making her first pile to bring her mother on a holiday.
Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bernice craves achievements, not awards

Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Sharon Chan, Kevin Cheng, and Bosco Wong were at a pre-filming prayer session for their new series The Mighty Swordsmen 《强剑江湖》 yesterday. Since Bernice’s loss to Nikki, there has been lots of criticisms about Nikki’s “fake” acting circulating around chat rooms and the Internet from Bernice’s fans. When asked if she felt unhappy in losing the award, Bernice said she believed that Nikki must have won for a reason and she did indeed perform very well in The Gentle Crackdown. She said that it did not matter that she did not win as she would continue to work hard, and she was happy with her achievements in her first four years of show business. When asked if she would find it awkward facing Nikki, she said she would not as they were not very close.

Shirley Yeung said that she was unaware about the rumours surrounding Nikki’s win, and she said that she would be happy for whomever that won the award, as it was form of encouragement. Hence, those who did not win should not take it to heart. When asked if those were meant to be words of encouragement for Bernice, Shirley laughed and said, “No need lah. She’s fine!” An image consultant has criticized Shirley’s outfit as the worst of the lot at the Anniversary Show, she said that everyone has the rights to their views, and she did not mind the criticism.

Story and photo sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Simon says Myolie's got potential

Simon Yam and Michael Miu attended at charity golf tournament yesterday. The golf function was organised for the 7th year in a row. Simon said that he seldom plays golf as he finds it to be an extravagant sport as a game normally lasts a day. Simon also attended the Anniversary Show on Saturday, and when asked if he was planning to act in serials again, he said he was not.

He said that filming serials was fun, but the pay was little and would not cover his expenses. He also laughed and replied that he was unlike Michael who has his own business, and did not have to worry about his day to day living. However, he said he might consider returning to TVB in another three years time, and he said that his first choice of a partner would be Myolie Wu.
He praised Myolie mightily, saying that she was an actress with great potential, and was the best among TVB’s new crop of artists, and it was a pity she did not win an award this year. However, he was confident that this would only be a matter of time.

For the men, Simon said that his bets were on Ron Ng. As to Ron’s rather wooden acting, Simon feels that Ron might be a late bloomer , but he had the looks. He said that Gallen Lo’s acting was also rather wooden at the beginning, but he soon managed to overcome it.

He digressed and said that he felt that Gallen should return to TVB as it was more stable compared to the turbulence of the world outside TVB. He said that, from his personal experience, no one had made a successful jump from the silver to the big screen in the past ten years.

Michael was the winner of the past two golf tournaments, but he said because of his filming commitments, he did not practice as much, and he was not confident of winning. He said that his wife did not mind his passion for acting, and he also did not mind his wife returning to film serials as well, now that their children were all grown up.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Monday, November 21, 2005

Lisa and Kenix after the event

Kenix Kwok and Lisa Wang, were the hot favourites to win the Best Actress Award this year. Unfortunately for Kenix, who was very confident that she would finally win the trophy this year, she was unable to triumph over Lisa. Although on screen, Kenix was the first to graciously congratulate Lisa, off-screen, Kenix’s disappointment must have been very palpable.

It was rumoured previously that Kenix would be filming Tai Chi in return for an award, but after the show, when asked if she would still be filming the serial, all Kenix would say was she did not know.

After the Anniversary Show, the artistes were asked to stay back to film some Season’s Greeting snippets. However, Kenix, who had changed out of her outfit into casual wear, refused to film using her dressing as an excuse.

As for what she planned to do after the show, Kenix said she was going home to soak in a bath to take her mind off things. Luckily for her, her supportive husband remained faithfully by her side. When asked if he was disappointed with the results, Frankie said that he was not as this was only a game. He said that they were going home and he was going to cook supper for his wife.

On the other hand, Lisa’s mood was extremely good, and she was especially responsive to the media’s and her fans’ requests. After the interviews were done, she immediately went to the carpark where her fans camped in the cold. Her loyal fans passed a big bouquet to Lisa, and she was extremely touched. She also thanked them for their support.

Thereafter, Lisa, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu and gang went to Kowloon for a steamboat celebration. Lisa treated everyone to the dinner, which included expensive items like lobster. The dinner cost HK$4,000 in all.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Nikki booed after winning

When Nikki Chow was announced as winner of the Most Improved Actress Award, boos could be heard from the back of the auditorium. Although the dust has settled on the Anniversary Show, the taste of gunpowder in the air has not diminished. Other than the Kenix-Lisa saga, Nikki’s win has also sparked off a heated argument between her fans and the fans of Bernice Liu, the hot favourite to win. As Nikki only has one serial shown on TV so far, there is nothing to compare, leading to talk about “how improved” her acting has been, and how much better she was compared to the other nominees.

When mentioned about Nikki being booed, Bernice said that she had heard about it from someone, as being on the stage, they could not hear anything. Although she did not win, she said that she was still very happy, and was as confident as ever about her chances next year. She said that quite a few of the artistes, such as Michael Miu and Eric Tseng, have told her that she did very well, and that she has improved in her acting.

Sharon Chan, another of the nominees for the award, said candidly that she had a long way to go in TVB, and she was sure she would have plenty of opportunities in the future.

Nikki, the lead figure in the controversy, was attending a Fight Against Cancer event yesterday, and when asked to comment on the booing, she said that these were rumours made up by the papers.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Bowie's worried about ratings

Ekin Cheng, Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh and Linda Chung wore uniforms to attend an Ever Ready publicity event. They walked out of a helicopter in great style, and Ekin also demonstrated a lifesaving technique.

Ekin, who was watching the Anniversary Show from home as he was sick, said that awards should be created for newcomer actors as a form of encouragement. As to rumours of Nikki Chow exchanging filming for an award, he felt that Nikki performed well and she rightfully deserved the award.

Ever Ready premiered on TV at 10pm last night, and Bowie Lam expressed concerns for the series’ ratings. He was worried because it was shown so late, people might have gone to bed already, affecting the ratings.

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Angela's depending on Lai Siew Ho now

Angela Tong was late for an event yesterday, but she clarified that it was because she had lost her way as she was unfamiliar with the place. In fact, she said, she had left the house an hour earlier.

Having won the Best Supporting Actress Award, Angela celebrated her win with the crew and actors from Life Made Simple and War of In-Laws yesterday. When asked if she and Roger Kwok would be taking turns to treat dinner, Angela laughed and said that she did not mind going first and playing host, but it was difficult to get together as both Roger and Jessica Hsuan were busy filming in China. She also jokingly said that if she had also won the HK$38,000 lucky draw prize, it would have been better as she would be able to treat everyone to many meals.

Her role in Life Made Simple has brought Angela much popularity, but has it also increased her workload? Angela said that a lot of the deals were being negotiated. She also joked that if they were asking for Lai Siew Ho (her character in LMS – hope I got the translation right), they would have to pay more. Comparatively, getting Angela would cost much less.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Bosco sends SMSes thanking the media

The winners at the Anniversary Show thanked mostly the company and their supporters, but only Angela Tong included the media in her thank-you speech. Bosco Wong also thanked the media yesterday afternoon, sending members of the media SMSes stating, “To all my brothers and sisters, thank you very much for your love and care this past year. I will continue to work hard, and I will continue to need your support in the future. I’m very grateful to you all.” Bosco also did not forget his fans. After leaving the show, he cracked open champagne with his waiting fans to celebrate.

Photo and story sources: Ming Pao News