Saturday, December 31, 2005

TVB wins 12 international awards

TVB has won a total of 12 international awards this year, and in order to show its appreciation to both its on-screen and off-screen employees, it organised an event yesterday, and it was attended by artistes like Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng, Myolie Wu, Gigi Lai, Joey Leung, etc.

War of In-Laws won the Best Publicity Clip (Gold) award in the 2005 Cantonese TV Awards held in China 「2005電視推廣大獎(中國)」. Both Myolie and Liza went on stage to collect their award, and Liza said that she was very happy that WOIL was able to win acclaim both locally and internationally. She also said that she would start filming on a 1960s musical in March next year.

Myolie did not win any awards at the TVB Anniversary this year, but she has won 4 awards outside Hong Kong, tow of which were awards for outstanding characters she has played. In fact, she will be visiting Malaysia shortly to collect an award. She said that this year’s bumper crop of awards is an affirmation of 6 years of hard work, and she feels very encouraged by it. When asked if she felt she was gaining more recognition outside of TVB, she laughed and said, “You can’t say that! Actually, I do want to win an award within TVB, but this year, they cancelled the My Favourite Characters’ Awards.”

Myolie also said that she hoped to have the opportunity to film a movie. However, next year, TVB will be promoting her singing career, so she is likelier to win a newcomer award on the music scene than an Oscar’s.

Hot on the heels of her awards are the many business opportunities that have presented themselves to Myolie. In fact, she will be greeting the new year with a stage appearance. When asked if she found it painful to pay her hefty taxes, she said painfully, “This year, my taxes will be a 6-digit figure. Of course it will be painful; it feels as if I’m cutting off a pound of my flesh.”

Myolie had wanted to buy a piece of property as a form of investment, but she has been scared off by the high prices. She has been burnt before in her other investments, losing all her hard-earned money, and now, she would rather save her money instead.

Although currently on leave, Gigi Lai attended the event as well. She said that since acting in serials, she had never won any international awards. War and Beauty has been over for so long, so she also did not expect to win any awards for that. Gigi went to Japan for a holiday earlier, and when asked to verify reports that she had stayed in her hotel room for 24 hours, she said, “What’s wrong with that?” Gigi will be filming a new serial in February next year.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Friday, December 30, 2005

Michelle is now a member of Hong Kong's high society

Michelle Ye has recently become the god-daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon (鄭裕彤), and she finally has an opportunity to be a high society girl! Apparently, Michelle will be accompanying her godfather to a ball, where she will be introduced to more of her godfather’s high society friends. As you’ve probably guessed, such high society functions are notoriously difficult to break into, and this one night could probably change Michelle’s life forever.

This will also be Michelle’s first ball, and she has spent several days at a friend’s boutique trying to decide on a suitable outfit for the event. “I will not embarrass my godfather at the party. Being able to attend the ball with him, I am very happy. Godfather felt that I was lonely so he asked me to attend the ball with him. I was afraid that I might be bored at the party, but I’m sure I won’t because he will be introducing his friends to me.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Michael does not owe his employees any money

Michael Miu is currently a spokesperson for a health foods brand. Thanks to his current popularity, he has been a target of rumours – the most recent being that he owes the employees of his optical shop their salaries. Exasperated, Michael replied, “I sold the business 5 years ago. Now, I only have an optical shop in Canada. All my friends are aware of this!”

Michael will be filming a new TVB serial with Bosco Wong and Bobby Au-yeung come this March. There has been reports that his wife, Jamie Chic, has been a little too enthusiastic in trying to slim down. To that, Michael replied, “She is trying to lose weight for health reasons. Also, she has been offered roles in serials and now that our children are older, she has the time to return to acting.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Elaine hopes to be an acting chameleon

Elaine Yiu has only been in show business for three years, but she has cut her tooth on acting and hosting, and she has also acted in a wide range of roles, from the good to the bad and crafty. Indeed she has been quite a chameleon. For instance, her role as Ron’s cousin Chloe in Revolving Doors of Vengeance was evil, but in upcoming serial Safe Guards, her character is very loveable.

This will be Elaine’s first lead role, and Elaine talks about how fortunate she is. “This is my first lead role, and it is inevitable that there will be stress involved. Luckily, I’m partnering the very experienced Steven Ma. In these few short years, I have acted in a lot of roles. I hope to continue trying on more different roles, and to bring new avenues of entertainment to the audiences.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Niki wants a high EQ partner

Niki Chow has extremely high standards that her future husband must meet, and for her wedding, only a beach at the Maldives will do.

Clad in a wedding gown while modeling for a wedding magazine, Niki was no different from scores of other young women who had dreams about their wedding. Niki, who had always used the sun to describe herself, wants to have a sunny wedding. Her first choice of a wedding venue is a beach on the Maldives, while the second is in a white-painted house in Greece.

Amongst the various artistes, Niki’s EQ is among one of the highest. Whenever she meets with unhappy news, she has been able to laugh it away. So it was not unexpected that she wants her future husband to have a high EQ as well. Other than a high EQ, he must also be considerate, caring, kind, wise, filial , love animals, give her a sense of warmth and security, and must also get along well with her family.

Why is a high EQ an important criteria? Niki said, “Before I entered show business, I used to think that my sister (who was also in the entertainment circle) used to create a lot of trouble. A lot of my friends would ask me about the rumours about my sister. However, after joining this business, I realized that there was a lot of things that were beyond my control. Whoever I’m dating in the future must be able to take the paparazzi hounding me. So a high EQ is important in order to take the pressures of a public relationship.”

Story source: The Sun

Sharon and her pets

Sharon Chan has always not been a fan of cats. However, after raising a Cocker Spaniel, she finds them to be too active, often breaking things around the house. As she was too busy with work and could not find time to look after her dog, she had to give her dog away to her friend. Thereafter, she thought she would not raise a pet again, but surprisingly, a cat entered her life. Called Duckie 「鴨仔」, she has brown eyes and is very peaceable, and thanks to Duckie, Sharon has now changed her attitude towards cats.

Four-year-old Duckie might be a fat cat presently, however, Duckie was a very sick cat earlier on. Sharon said, “When I first started looking after it, it was only as big as my palm. It was so sick, it almost died several times, and I was so scared that I had to rush Duckie to a vet.” Recalling another memorable moment with Duckie, Sharon said that Duckie was unhappy when they moved house, and often pooped behind her computer in protest.

Story source: The Sun

Ron reveals what his dream girl should be like

Rumours has been surrounding Ron Ng since he became one of TVB’s hottest young stars, especially those rumours linking him romantically to his co-stars. First it was Tavia Yeung, then Ella Koon, but Ron revealed that he was actually interested in a “shorter version of Kelly Chen.”

To many of his female fans, Ron is Prince Charming personified. When he was asked what his criteria for a girlfriend was, he replied, “I like girls who are mature in their thinking. She shouldn’t be too skinny or tall; Kelly Chen is just the right height. Any taller, she would have to wear flats around me!”

How does Tavia and Ella fare against his criteria? He said that strictly speaking, they would be “out”. “Tavia is very outgoing and active, and a bit of a tomboy. However, she is still a little girl and not very grown up. As for Ella, she is very talkative. Although it was a pleasure working with her, sometimes, I just had nothing to talk about. I prefer girls that are quieter.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Yoyo has a way with animals

In the upcoming serial Love Upstairs 《樓住有情人》, Yoyo Mung and Lawrence Ng looked after a Schnauzer puppy called Donald. For the filming in Central today, Donald had to act uncooperative, and Yoyo had a hard time moving Donald during the shoot. After the shoot was over, Yoyo laughed and revealed that whether it was working with children or animals, she had a killer plan in place.

In actual fact, Yoyo and Donald had been working for a period of time. With Donald being so well-trained and obedient and Yoyo’s killer plan, they have been working together very well this period of time. Yoyo will next be filming with a cat, and she even has designs on her cousin’s cat. “Actually, I had wanted the cat when it was born, but my cousin couldn’t bear to give it away. Now, I can borrow her cat to play with during the shoot!” Yoyo said.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ella tries her hand at auctioning

Ella Koon attended an auction yesterday, and she said she would do her best to sweet talk the audience into buying the products. Ella said she had frequently fallen victim to the sales pitch of salespeople. Once she had bought a $5,000 slimming equipment only to find that it was not effective later on. Hence, Ella warned everyone to be more careful when shopping. She laughed and said that because she could not resist the salespeople’s persuasion, she has ended up with a lot of “rubbish”, with items long past their expiry date, or clothes that she had not worn in years.

Source: Takungpao, 28 December

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sammul's shocking love letter from a fan

Sammul Chan has been busy filming Bar Benders recently, and he even had to work over Christmas. However, he received two memorable gifts this Christmas. The first was very touching, while the second was extremely shocking.

The first was a gift from his Bar Benders director. As he had never received a gift from his director before, the feeling upon opening the present was priceless. The second was a love letter he received from a Mainland fan. He was shocked when he came across the letter. The entire envelop was in red, and it also enclosed a bloodstained tissue. He was so shocked that he threw the letter away. The fan has expressed her wish that Sammul treat her as thoughtfully as he did to Myolie in When Rules Turn Loose.

Sammul had been romantically linked with Myolie before, and now that Myolie and Bosco were supposedly dating, the reporters asked Sammul jokingly if he minded Myolie being “snatched” from him? He laughed and said that since they had never been in a relationship, the term “snatch” would not apply. However, he also said that Bosco’s tactic of sending 600 SMSes to woo the lady was too tough to beat!

When asked if he would use the same tactic himself, Sammul replied honestly that he wouldn’t, because he finds it too much of a hassle to send so many SMSes. One or two SMSes a day was ok, he said, but he said that everyone treated their other halves differently. So does he believe that the Boscolie romance is true? He noted with amusement that that the magazine report (the one that broke the news about the 600 SMSes) had bothered to check up Myolie’s number in order to make their claim, so he feels that the report might have some truth to it!

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Angela's sparkling investments

Angela Tong attended a Christmas event yesterday. She revealed that she had spent the festive season working. When asked if she had exchanged gifts with her boyfriend, she evaded the question, and said that her mom had given her a Christmas gift. When the reporter pressed on regarding her boyfriend, she revealed with great awkwardness that they had not been able to meet up, as they had been too busy recently.

She said that she was trying to make as much money as possible now that there were so many opportunities to do so. She said that unfortunately, whenever she wanted to save, there would always be some expenditure that she had to spend on.

Why didn’t she invest in a house then? Angela replied that she would not consider this, as she would need to put a huge sum down as a down payment. Instead, her friends have taught her to invest in buying diamonds with that came with certificates, as that was more secure. She said that she did not know much about diamonds before, but she had been picking it up recently. When the reporter said that she could get her boyfriend to buy her diamonds, Angela replied that she would rather buy them herself.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Kenix's and Frankie's Shanghai Christmas

Kenix Kwok and hubby Frankie Lam spent their Christmas working at Shanghai. However, as their “work” was that of a charitable nature, they felt that they had spent Christmas very meaningfully. Besides, the couple also able to spend quality time together in Shanghai as they had arrived earlier. Kenix had hoped that Shanghai would snow this year like it did in 2004, so that they could spent a white Christmas. However, fearing that she would fall sick, she was all prepared to battle the cold.

Although the couple did not have to work this year over the festive season, Kenix did not prepare a special gift for her hubby this year. She smiled mischievously and said that the good ratings for A Herbalist Manual was the best gift he could receive already. When asked what gift she received from her husband, she said that to them, gifts were not that important.

Kenix said that as his wife, she was very happy that his role in the serial had won him popular acclaim with the audience. However, she was happier with her own achievements. This year, Kenix has received many opportunities for stage appearances. Previously, she would suffer from stage fright, but now with experience, she was more natural on stage, and she was very happy with that.

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily, Takungpao

Ron's unforgettable Christmas presents

Ron Ng was at a shopping center attending a Christmas event yesterday, attracting a huge horde of fans. He said that he had bought Christmas gifts for his family and close friends. Of course the reporters seized the chance to ask if he had bought a gift for his rumoured girlfriends, Ella Koon and Niki Chow.

To that, Ron replied that he had not. When asked if he was saying that in order to prevent more rumours from spreading about them, he replied, “well, we don’t really have an opportunity to meet up. If I do meet up with friends, I will normally bring a gift. This year, I’ve spent a five-digit figure on gifts including those for my colleagues at the record company and my choreographer!”

Ron’s Christmas was especially sweet this year; he had won a prize for the Hottest Karaoke Tune 「新城勁爆卡拉OK歌曲獎」 at a music awards ceremony last night. “This is my most unforgettable Christmas present to date. There were so many veteran singers watching me performing my winning song on stage,” he said.

He was so nervous upon hearing that he had won the award that he forgot to thank his fans during his acceptance speech. Luckily, he was able to make up for the omission later successfully!

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Ming Pao Daily

Charmaine cooks up a storm for her mom

Charmaine Sheh, Joe Ma and the cast for Phoenix Quartet were given a day off on Christmas. When asked if she had used the day-off well (i.e. spending it with her boyfriend), Charmaine said that she did have a date on that day, but with her mom, not Benny Chan. She said, “I’ve not spent Christmas with my mom for a really long time already. Seeing that our stove has not been used in two years, I decided to personally cook a Christmas meal for my mom. I spent 5 hours cooking, and my mom, who could no longer bear the wait, decided to help as I was just taking too long!”

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Ming Pao Daily

Monday, December 26, 2005

Bosco's Prince Charming look for Christmas

Bosco was all dressed up in his Prince Charming outfit to attend an event at the New World Centre Shopping Centre on Christmas yesterday. As he had to work the day before, he said that he did not have the opportunity to attend any Christmas parties. As to whether he had SMS-ed Myolie (as he did not have an opportunity to meet her), he evaded the question by saying that he had sent several hundred SMSes to friends wishing them a Merry Christmas.

A magazine had reported that Bosco had been at Mong Kok recently with friends, getting sloshed on red and white wine, and he had then driven back drunk. Bosco was rather unhappy with the report, and he pointed out several inconsistencies in the report. For instance, it stated that the total bill was $200, and Bosco asked how it was possible to buy several bottles of wine with that amount. He also said that he was not drunk.

Photo and story sources: Ming Pao Daily

Myolie likes guys that play the piano

Myolie Wu and Matthew Ko were amongst the judges for a Hong Kong Piano Prodigy Competition 《全港鋼琴演奏新秀賽決賽》. Although she cannot play the piano, she professes her admiration for guys who can play. Although Matthew has a Grade 10 certificate, she said that she had no “feelings” for him (because he was too 'gentle'), but if it was Jay Chou, it would be a different case altogether.

As to how she spent her Christmas Eve, she said that she was a cashier at a friend’s souvenir shop. When asked if she had gone out with rumoured boyfriend Bosco Wong, she replied, “Of course not! I was busy helping out at my friend’s shop. The customers had all wanted to take photos with me, and the boss decided that only customers that spent $500 and above would be able to do so. But I had a happy Christmas!”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Bernice's black Christmas

It was a black Christmas indeed for Bernice Liu! Currently busy filming The Mighty Swordsman 《強劍江湖》, she attended a family reunion at Lan Kwai Fong on Christmas Eve. The streets were extremely crowded, and Bernice had her hand around her mobile phone in her bag as a precaution. However, her attention slipped for a mere 5 minutes, and her mobile phone disappeared! This is the first time that Bernice had lost her phone in the four years that she has been in Hong Kong.

She had the numbers and photos of over 40 artistes stored in her phone, and among the numbers were those of Myolie Wu’s, Sonja Kwok’s and Bosco Wong’s. When asked if rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan's photo were stored in the phone, she evaded the question. Although the numbers were coded, and Bernice was sure that the person who stole the phone would not be able to identify the numbers, she was still worried that her friends would be harassed if the numbers were ever exposed.

However, what was sadder for Bernice was the loss of her beloved pooch’s photos (of Ah Mac as a baby, the pictures of his wife, Bailey, and images of their first meeting) that were stored in her phone. She does not have a back up of those photos and she hoped that some good-hearted person will return the photos to her.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Jessica attends a mass for fun

Jessica Hsuan attended a Catholic mass on Christmas Eve. Jessica attended the mass with a female friend, but since the church was packed, they could only stand outside to watch the big screen. Jessica, who is not a Catholic, said she attended together with her friends after a party. Although she does not intend to convert, she believes that there is a God.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ron and Niki - Legends in their own time

Just when Hongkongers have stopped believing in fairytale endings, Ron Ng and Niki Chow have created their own fairytale endings for 2005. One male, one female, hailing from a dancing and modeling background respectively, they have both won television awards, gathered TV ratings and fans, and now, they have also cut their own records. They can now boast of multiple-hypenated titles (dancer/model-actor-singer), which are rare these days.

Niki: Working hard to achieve her dreams

Niki does not believe in fairytales. She feels that if man can land on the moon, they can create their own legends on earth; nothing is impossible to achieve. “Legends are a form of imagination. However, nothing is impossible as long as one tries; anything can happen. The achievements that I have now are thanks to my supporters, the opportunities the company has given me, and finally, thanks to teamwork. The things I can achieve on my own are limited, but thankfully, I have many people who have supported me. No one is perfect. As long as one continues to seek feedback to improve, and as long as I try to improve myself each day, I am contented.”

Niki has always been an optimist, but she has also had her low periods. “Luckily I have many good friends to guide me. When I was filming The Gentle Crackdown, there was a lot of stress. I thought that I could take it, but sometimes, the mind was willing but the flesh was very weak. There are some artistes that explode onto the scene from the beginning, but I would rather do it slow and steady. I believe that if you win too much at the beginning, there will be a lot to lose later on. Success is dependent on many factors, and it is no something that can be decided by one person."

Ron: Turning dreams into reality

To many, Ron can be described as a legend, as he has managed to secure his place in the TV and entertainment industry. But Ron said that he does not believe that he is qualified to have that term describe him. Ron has only been in the industry for 4-5 years, and he has been a dancer for two ears. He gained popularity and acclaim with his serial Twin of Brothers, and this year, he released his own album.

His peers are still stuck to acting, while Ron has had an opportunity to cut an album. Wouldn’t he say that he is progressing faster than the rest? Ron says, “perhaps you can say so, but it is really tough juggling both acting and cutting an album at the same time.”Ron said that this Christmas was especially happy for him, because he has just received the happy present in the form of his personal album. What’s his ideal Christmas? “Having friends over talking, eating and drinking,” he said.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Rain on golf

Rain Li is a golf fan, and although her technique’s not that great, looking at her play, you would know that she was no amateur either. When asked about the benefits of the sport, she replied, “It helps me to keep fit and mentally alert. However, I have to take the necessary sun block precautions before playing, otherwise, I will turn into a piece of charcoal.”

Rain’s first contact with golf came three years ago during a company function. However, she had no feelings for the game then. “The first time I tried it, I remembered feeling that there was nothing special about it. However, slowly, I picked up an interest in it. Since it is so popular today, I think I should know a little bit about it, so I started to play.” When asked if she is being coached by anyone, she said her friend who is better than her was teaching her. Although one can play golf alone, Rain normally drags her friends to the course with her, and she enjoys playing in a group of 3 to 4 people.

Although golf does not look strenuous, Rain says that the reality is very different. “You sweat a lot during the game, so that[s good for your health. When playing the ball, you have to remain cool and collected, so that can help you train your emotions. But as a female, there’s a lot of pre-golf preparations to be done to keep the sun off me. For example, I have to make sure that I have my long-sleeve shirt and my cap. If not, I will be totally black after a few hours.”

Photo and story sources: TVB Chinese News Collection

Roger's and Myolie's mainland win

Roger Kwok and Myolie Wu were at a Guangdong’s TV Station’s award ceremony for 2005 「2005南方盛典年度頒獎禮」yesterday night, where they clinched the awards for the year’s most popular Cantonese speaking actors.

This is the second year of the award’s existence, and the TV ratings are the top criteria for any of its award. Since its inception, the awards have consolidated its top position in the Cantonese market, and hence, one can say that the awards are significant in their own way.

Roger and Myolie have gained popularity in the mainland with their serials Threshold of an Era and Triumph in the Skies respectively, and it was for their roles in these serials that the two won the awards for last night. Roger thanked his mainland fans for their support, while Myolie said that this award was an important milestone in her career. This is Myolie’s first mainland win.

Photo and story sources: TVB Chinese News Collection.

Linda's new look for an ad

Recently promoted by TVB, rising star Linda Chung has seen her popularity rise also after the airing of Always Ready. Her role in the show of a gentle yet steely girl has caught the eye of an advertiser, who decided to cast Linda in an ad they were filming for Christmas.

Linda first made gained recognition in Virtues of Harmony, but it was really her role in AR that gained her popularity. A former MCI, this year had really been Linda’s year. Her serials have been released one after another, and she is also now being promoted by TVB.

In the ad, the ever-gentle Linda undergoes an image makeover with a new look. She said, “Because I am always in a uniform for AR, my image in the show has sort of been hard and unyielding. But for this ad, they have designed a look that is determined, yet elegant.”

Story source: Sing Tao. Photo source: Ming Pao Daily

Bosco as Santa

Christmas this year in Hong Kong is rather cold, and people are all bundled up against the cold. However, if you happened to bump into Bosco Wong dressed as Santa, I’m sure you would be happy to see him even if Santa did not leave behind a present.

This is Bosco’s first time dressed as Santa, and although he had never thought that he would play this role, having dressed up now, he is rather interested in being Santa. So what would be do as Santa? Bosco replied, “When I was young, I believed in Santa, so I would also get my mom to leave a sock next to my bed. The next morning, there would be gifts in the sock! A few years later, I found out that the gifts were left there by my mom, and I thank her for giving me this precious childhood memory.”

Recently, there has been news of Myolie Wu preparing to attend a Christmas party. When asked if Bosco would be attending with his rumoured girlfriend, he said that he might be working, and hence, would be unable to attend.

However, he would be happy if he could spend Christmas with Liza Wang, Paul Chun and Michael Miu. When asked why Myolie wasn’t mentioned, he said that his priority was now on his career and he did not want to focus on romance. Having just turned 25, he also said that he has entered into a new phase of his life, and did not want it to be marked by rumours.

Bosco said that he would need to save up a lot first before dating, as that was an expensive affair, and when he gets married, he would want his wife to be able to live comfortably. Currently, he only has the ability to maintain his parents. His mom had expressed a wish for an Osim chair and he had bought one for her. Bosco used to change cars frequently, but now that he is older, he values frugality and he would be saving up the money instead of splashing it on new cars.

Photo and story sources: Ming Pao Daily

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Myolie & Her Dream Wedding

Myolie in bridal gown

Myolie together with her 'husband', a Japanese model

Myolie looked like a princess with this bridal gown

Yesterday, Myolie Wu wore bridal gown for the contract signing ceremony with a bridal company. Myolie said that she was satisfied with the contract because there would be a review to increase her reward. However, she said that the most exciting part was that she got to have Mr Yip Qing Lum, a well-known photographer , to shot for her.

Myolie was partnered with a Japanese model again for the bridal shots, and somebody said that Myolie tried to seduce the Japanese model with eye contact. She explained that she never did so cause she did not know how to do that. She said that the model was a very shy person and he never seduced her through eye contact. However, she said that they had quite a number of face to face shots as they had to act as husband and wife, and she felt quite awkward for that.

When asked about her dream wedding ceremony, Myolie hoped that she could have a fairy tale like wedding ceremony, and wedding dinner that held for a few nights. This is because she heard that it was possible to earn money through wedding dinner, so she did not mind to hold the dinner for a few nights.

Nest year January, Myolie would be going to Kun Ming, Yun Nan and other places to film for 《 太 極 》.

Source: The Sun
Pictures: Ming Pao & Oriental Daily

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ron Put On Hand Cream for His First Signing Activity

Ron Ng attended a function last night and was late for 2 hours, he explained that because he had to finish a program and there was traffic jam along the way. When being asked whether he had present any Christmas present to Niki, he skipped the topic and said that Lum San San’s birthday was coming soon and he was going to give her a present. Then, he was asked again would he give Christmas present to Niki, he said that he would give to everybody.

Besides, Ron Ng was having his first signing activity yesterday, and had attracted 300 plus fans to queue up for it. He said that he had groomed his nails and put on hand cream as well. When asked to comment on Yanyee (she uplodoaded her songs to the internet), Ron said that her singing and dance were OK. Then he was asked whether he would welcome her to join the entertainment line, he said that he would definitely welcome her to join.

Source: Oriental Daily

Fan Gave Niki Toilet Rolls & Canned Drinks

Niki Chow, together with Janice and other artists, attended a show yesterday and had attracted a lot of fans. As Niki was walking closer to the crowd, a middle-aged man suddenly gave her a transparent plastic bag with two toilet rolls and two cans of soft drinks inside, and insisted to give it to Niki. Without noticing whether the man had touched Niki’s breasts, Niki shouted and put her hands over to protect herself.When asked whether she was molest by the man, she said that it might be caused by the two cans of drinks, but no matter how girls must protect themselves when they are in the crowd.

Janice (left) and Niki (right)

Source: Oriental Daily

Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong Appeared as TV Couple

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu were at a property show last night, but they never met each other—Bosco reached at 7pm while Myolie reached at 9pm. Ever since the 600 sms incident (Bosco Wong sent Myolie Wu 600 sms to woo her), both of them had never appeared together for a same show.

When Bosco was asked whether he was trying to keep himself away from Myolie, he said that he was not as there was no reason for him to do so, and this was actually arranged by the organizer. When he was asked whether they sms each other before the show, he said that he sent messages to a lot of people. He also said that he would not keep himself away from Myolie just because of the rumours.

When Myolie finally appeared at the show, the reporter asked her whether both of them were trying to appear as couple for the show, she laughed and said ‘Again? Actually there was no difference, you can just put our solo together’. Then she was asked whether they would get higher rewards if they appeared together for a show, she said that if that was the case, she would not mind if they appeared together as TV couple and earn more money. She also said that she would not feel awkward if they performed together as they were work at the same company.

Source: The Sun

Charmaine Sheh Won Big Bucks

From second left: Charmaine Sheh, Stanley Ho's fourth wife, Stanley Ho's eighth sister

Charmaine Sheh, together with Stanley Ho’s fourth wife Miss Leong and Stanley Ho’s eighth sister, were at Macau attending for a function. This time, Charmaine, the spokesperson, appeared as the guest of honour for the function. She was very lucky that night because she won fifty thousand Hong Kong Dollars with a bet of five thousand Hong Kong Dollars. Charmaine said that all the way she did not know how to bet on horse racing cause this needed a lot of analytical work. Charmaine said that this was the first time she won so much money. She said that all the way she never won any lucky draw, only recently she won a lucky draw during TVB Anniversary and one time she won 8,000 dollars at Genting Highland, she said that she was really surprised.

When being asked whether she was at her lucky 30, Charmaine laughed and said that she really hoped so. About the money she won (HKD50,000), she said that she spent half of it to buy Christmas present for her mother, and she would save the other half into her bank account.

Source: The Sun

Ella Koon Still Dare to Go to Lan Kwai FOng

Anti-WTO protesters had created riots in Wan Chai area. Ella Koon, just came back from Australia, was at Lan Kwai Fong last night at about 10pm to join her friend’s birthday party. When being asked whether was she worried about her own safety, she said that she was not cause this is her best friend’s birthday party, she must be there no matter how. She said that she just lost her identity card and she had applied for a new one already. About ten years ago, same thing happened to Steven Chow as well, and finally found out his lost identity card was kept by his loyal fans. Ella said that she was not worried that her identity card was kept by other people, and she said just take it if they liked as long as they would not use it for crime.

Source: The Sun

Ella at Lan Kwai Fong

Monday, December 19, 2005

Roger Kwok & Angela Tong: Hot in Sun Dak

Angela Tong acted as Lee Siu Hou in 《阿旺新傳》, an augly character.

Roger Kwok & Angela Tong in Sun Dak

Roger Kwok & Hsuan Jessica Hester in the new drama series---《阿旺新傳》

Yesterday, Roger Kwok Chun On & Angela Tong Ying Ying went to Sun Dak (順德) for an opening ceremony of a supermarket and to promote their new drama series 《阿旺新傳》as well. Their appearance had attracted hundreds people to the spot. The supermarket distributed their photos on the spot and it had soon become their signing activity. Roger said that he received a 6-figure reward for this show.

When being asked about Cindy Au’s birthday, Roger said that he had no time to buy present for her, so he just bought a dozen roses to his girlfriend and treated her and her family a dinner at a very nice restaurant. As Roger never present Cindy any flowers before, Cindy did not believe that this bouquet of flowers is from him. When being asked whether he was trying to propose to her, Roger said that there should not be only a dozen of roses if he was to propose to Cindy. Roger said that he was planning to have a vacation trip with Cindy, but he had not decided on the destination yet.

This trip to Sun Dak (順德) had meant a lot to Angela Tong because she was from Sun Dak, and she said that she felt proud going back home and she was touched by her supporters there. Angela said that she received a 5-figure reward for this show and she was satisfied with the reward.

Myolie Has a Beauty Secret Weapon

Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu Hang Ye had become a spokeswoman for a skincare brand for 3 years, and her reward for this contract was close to 7 figures. When being asked about this, Myolie laughed and said that if she was really getting a 7-figure reward, she would have bought a house, but she had not bought any cause she had to pay tax. Yesterday, she was at a show promoting red wine anti-aging skincare series. Myolie said that she had been working very hard, and luckily this series of red wine anti-aging skincare products had kept her skin moisten.

Myolie said that she would not be working on Christmas eve, and she had not decided whether to throw a Christmas party or to join her friend’s party. And she said that now was too early to decide on whether to invite Bosco Wong (her rumour's boyfriend) to her party. Recently, Myolie had finished recording the theme song for 《亂世佳人》, and the album would be coming out soon.

Encourage Yanyee to Compose Songs; Lydia: Better Than Going Out

Yanyee: After her slimming program

Yanyee, dressed up like a princess, with her mother

Yanyee: Before her slimming session

Yanyee (daughter of Adam Cheng Siu Chow & Lydia Sum), dressed up like a princess to perform for an award, and it was criticized badly by bloggers. However, according to a report, Yanyee had uploaded her songs that she performed that night to the internet for everybody to download. Musician Tian and Warner’s top person had given her positive feedback after hearing her songs.

Yesterday, Lydia Sum said that she did not know that her daughter uploaded her songs to the internet, she actually heard her singing before and felt that it was just average, however, Lydia thanked Tian and Warner’s top person for praising her daughter. When asked about would she encourage her daughter to compose her own songs, Lydia said that it was at least better than going out and mingle around.

PS: Yanyee, has become a hot topic ever since she has successfully losing her weight. A lot of people has criticized her saying that she still looks fat though she has lost weight. I think these people are just jealous about her slimming result.

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Source: The Sun