Saturday, February 18, 2006

Jessica films ad for Estee Lauder

Jessica Hsuan was filming an advertisement for Estee Lauder recently, taking time off to do it after returning to HK from Yunnan. Jessica, who was wearing a tube top, was extremely professional on the shoot, checking the film each time after the shoot to ensure she looked good. Which part of her body is the smoothest, she was asked. “The smoothest part is the one that no one gets too see,” she said awkwardly.

Talking about her filming in Yunnan, she said that the weather was pretty harsh – hot and sunny one moment, rainy the other. As a result, her skin became pretty dry. “Luckily, I like myself to be tanned! It looks healthier anyway.”

With regards to her love life, Jessica, who has been single for a year, hopes to be able to meet someone soon, and get married before she turns 40. “After so many failures and experiences, I am now more cautious. Communication is very important to a couple, and this is something that I am working on to improve.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun