Monday, February 27, 2006

Maggie's serial late-night filming draws complaints from residents

Maggie Siu and Wong Hei were at Causeway Bay yesterday filming for their new serial 《CIB刑事情報科》. Because of the loudness of the filming, coupled by the fact that it was around 1am, they have received lots of complaints from the residents in the area of noise pollution. A policeman was dispatched to the area to investigate the complaints, and it was only when TVB lowered the volume that filming was allowed to continue.

While resting, Maggie accepted an interview with a reporter and revealed that they had filmed till 6am that morning. Although they had to continue work the next day, it was not too tiring, as they would try to rest on the set whenever possible. Today was Maggie’s birthday, and when asked if she would be celebrating it with friends, she said that it was a private affair and would not talk about it. However, she did say she would be spending her birthday at work.

Photo and story sources: The Sun