Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rain hints that Ray is a playboy

Raymond Lam and Rain Li attended a Burberry event yesterday. Raymond had been romantically linked to Rain previously, even before current rumours of him and Sharon Chan, Fala Chen. Rain revealed that she had spoken to her good friend Sharon about the supposed relationship. She said that Sharon was looking for a long-term, stable relationship, and not a fling, hinting that Ray is a player!

Rain made her entrance in a low-neck floral dress, and said she had taken necessary precautions to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. She said she knew that Ray would be also attending the show, and when asked if she still kept in contact with him, she said, “I have watched some of his shows. If Sharon Chan is acting in it, I will surely support her and catch it. Recently for my birthday, I sent him an SMS to invite him to my party. However, he said that he was going to be in China and could not attend.”

With regards to the Ray-Sharon romance, Rain said, “I had asked Sharon about it, and she said it (the rumours) was not true. She wants a long-term relationship and not a fling. (Are you saying that Ray is a flirt?) I don’t know. I just told you what I heard from Sharon. (If they are together, do you think Sharon will tell you about it?) Yes, she will. We are very good sisters.” Rain also said that if they had to do a show together, she would not hesitate. Not only would she not be embarrassed, there would even be new sparks arising between the two.

As for Ray, how does he feel being together at the same event as his rumoured ex-girlfriend? “That was a really long time ago. (Do you think that there would be a chance of the two of you doing a show together?) That depends on the company’s arrangement. (What do you think of Rain now?) She has lost quite a lot of weight. Looking good!”

Photo and story sources: The Sun