Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ron and Tobey kiss in the rain

Ron Ng and Tobey Leung have been filming for half a month, and yesterday, they were working on a kissing scene in the rain. This will be Tobey’s first screen kiss so she was very nervous. However, the shot went off without a hitch, and both co-stars were very comfortable with one another during the scene.

The scene in The Pain of Being a Man 《男人之苦》, which took place on a beach, was one in which the lovers had a tiff before running off to the beach. Due to the rain and cold, the two had to huddle together for warmth, and because of the intimacy, something will happen (i.e. they had sex) that night.

This will also be Tobey’s first time acting as a pregnant woman, and she said that Ron was a good acting partner. “Normally, we would act the fools, but this time round, for this shoot, Ron was different. He was very into his character, and very emotional, and he helped to bring me into my character as well. He’s like a big brother, and this scene is actually our most comfortable these past 6 months.”

Ron has kissed quite a few fa dans since acting, including Shirley Yeung, Tavia Yeung and Leila Tong. He says these kissing scenes are not embarrassing, but the time with Shirley was more difficult. ”It was my first time, and there was lots of dialogue as well,” he said. He also said that in the past, he would also go for strolls on the beach with his girlfriends. “It’s not only romantic, but also cheap, as I didn’t have much to spend in the past.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun