Sunday, February 26, 2006

Steven to wear swimming trunks if show does well

Steven Chan and Elaine Yiu were publicising their show Safe Guards yesterday. The show is scheduled to air tomorrow, and Steven has already arranged for a dinner gathering for the entire cast to catch the first episode. In order to make everyone even happier, he has sponsored a 4 digit figure for lucky draw prizes.

Although Safe Guards will be taking over from the highly-rated Pillowcase of Mystery, Steven is full of confidence that the show will do well. Elaine has even said that if the show does well, she will appear in a swimsuit if Steven dons the swimming trunks. Steven has been filming non-stop since July last year, and after this, he will be headed to Taiwan for a tour. He loves to soak in hot springs, and he will be headed to a private place to do so. With camera phones so commonplace, he hopes that this will prevent shots of himself sans clothes from surfacing.

Photo and story sources: The Sun