Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bosco jealous of Myolie's new man?

Bosco Wong, Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng accepted a Capital Radio interview yesterday to publicise their new serial Under the Canopy of Love 《天幕下的戀人》. Bosco, who has been rumoured be wooing Myolie Wu via MSM , was asked to comment on the rumoured developments between her and a Japanese Daniel Wu look-alike model that she was filming a wedding gown commercial with. Myolie is currently filming Tai Chi 《太極》in China, and Bosco has not seen her for some time now. However, they would be attending an event later together, and he jokingly said that he would be forcing her to have dinner to force a confession from her.

With regards to the Japanese Daniel Wu look-alike, he said, “As long as he’s handsome, it’s ok. (Do you think you’re handsome?) No, I don’t think so. I hope to be remembered for my talents rather than my looks. (Does Myolie prefer talents or looks?) I think she would want both in a man. As long as he looks pleasing, it’s ok. (So do you think she finds you pleasing to look at?) When we’re filming, she often finds me irritating because of my antics. (Then, doesn’t me you won’t have a chance with her?) My career is taking off now. I will be focusing on singing and acting, and saving enough to buy a house. (When are you getting married?) When I have enough money and find someone to spend my life with. However, that will be very much later.”

Photo and story sources: Takungpao