Saturday, March 11, 2006

My close encounter with my favourite Kenix!!

Kenix, Frankie, Kevin and Elaine were in Singapore just this afternoon. They were first at Junction 8 around 3pm and then at Tampines Mall around 6pm. I went down to Tampines to catch them in action, and here's the best photos I had from the experience!

I had initially thought it was going to be at 5pm, so I had my afternoon all planned out. First, I made a stop at Hougang this morning to borrow a digital camera from my friend (so that the images would be published online much faster - thank god for technology!). Then, next stop was Tampines at around 1.30pm for a spot of leisurely lunch. Then browsed around the shops for a bit, and feeling quite bored already, I made my way up to the 4th floor to investigate the situation at around 4.15pm.

The place was empty, save for one solitary (probably die-hard fan too) sitting at the prime spot in front of the barricase (which was not far from the stage). Smelling a BIG rat, I double checked the backdrop and realised that it was going to start at 6 instead!!

I was pissing mad at not having noticed this earlier - hence wasting so much time - I went back into the mall and called a few people to bitch! Of course, my friends thought it was all very funny; these same friends were also the ones that thought I was very "no life" to do something like this as well. As u can guess, my friends are not big TVB fans...

What to do with the extra time on hand? Wondered around, considered buying a new Nokia handphone and investing in a digi cam of my own, wandered around somemore, and plonked myself into a cafe nearby to have a drink.

Around 5pm, I started to see more and more people moving into the open space where the event was gonna be, and being the kiasu Singaporean that I was, I also decided that I had better go in to stake out a spot.

It was none too late - there was a HUGE crowd already at the front near the barricades. Worried, I quickly went up and plonked myself somewhere in the middle, with no tall people in front of me so that I could get a good shot.

The weather till then had been pretty good... it was cloudy and windy, but at 5.15pm, it started to darken ominously. Then flashes of lightning accompanied by huge crashes of thunder started. And mind you, the crashes of thunder were those that made you instinctively cringe, cover your ears, and hope to God that you didn't get struck by lightning.

But the fans, being very hardy and persistent (*ahem* like myself), stood their ground. Come brinestone, rain or even the possibility of being electrocuted, nothing was gonna make them leave their spot. Same here for me. (Also, it was because if I left then, I would probably lose my vantage spot. No way man!)

Everything ready, I decided to do a camera check of the area. You know, make sure that I could get a good shot, etc. To my horror, the stupid camera displayed a low battery and went dead. Bloody hell! And I had actually gone to buy a battery (ok, this was one of those battery operated types) beforehand. Ok, that was a cheapskate $2 Energiser battery, so I should have not tried to save money on that. Morale of the story - never buy Energiser batteries for something as important as this.

I was caught in a huge dilemma. To go off and buy fresh batts and lose my good spot or not? In the end, I decided I couldn't not take these photos and dashed off to the basement to buy the batts from a photo store. I dashed back up, and of course, I had lost my space. Now I was stuck behind this old man who was very tall and was blocking my view. Sigh!

At 5.30pm, the emcees started playing pre-performance games. There were 6 questions, and the winners got to get 2 tixs for lunch with the artistes tomorrow morning. They were really simple questions, like What's the colours of TVB's logo? Who's the official magazine for the event? etc. Then came the 3rd question - Name two sponsors of the event. I knew the answer, so I prepared to put my hand up. But all the while, I never thought I would win. Hey, you're speaking to someone who has never won a prize in my life - not lucky draw or D&D prizes, not 4D or Toto or anything.

To my shock, the DJ called upon me (I was merely one of the many that raised hands to answer), and thank goodness I got the answer correct. I was so stunned. My hands were shaking so badly that I couldn't shoot any photos. (It's also the reason why there are so few Kenix photos that turned out well... sigh)

The stars only appeared around 6.30pm, due to the heavy taffic because of the rain. They chatted for a while, and then they retreated backstage. One by one, they emerged in front again to chat for a while and then sing a song.

First up was Kenix. She looks just as she does on TV. In fact, she doesn't look as thin, which is great! Here, she was glowing with health. She sang a Canto song (don't remember all the song names), and her singing's improved a little from Love Bond actually.

Next up was Frankie. (BTW, Kenix calls Frankie Ah Long.....) The DJs asked him what he thought of Kenix's singing, and being quite clever, he sidestepped the issue and asked the audience what they thought of Kenix's singing. There was a huge roar of approval. However, Kenix reminded Frankie that he had not answered the question.... quite funny really.

Frankie sang a David Tao song. His singing is actually pretty good. If you ask me, he sings better than Kevin (who is a singer turn actor). In shows, Frankie always looks rather small in build, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite well built in person. Like Kenix, he looks just as he does on screen. Kenix was more professional on stage - you can tell that she's used to dealing with crowds, and knows how to joke and cajole the crowd. Frankie came across to be a little more real. He smiled a lot, waved a lot, and just seemed .... a little more real somehow....

Next was Elaine. For the record, and in danger of offending her fans, I don't really like Elaine. Her turn as Chloe in Revolving Doors of Vengeance turned me off her completely - so irritating she was in the show. But to qualify, that was the first show I caught her in, so I figured that it was probably that her acting was just so good (as the evil cousin in the show) that she succeeded in turning me off. But in real life, she is actually quite sweet. She speak Mandarin really well as well, quite surprising. She also sang a Mandarin song.

Last was Kevin Cheng. Horror of horrors, my camera now decides to tell me that hey, you've used up all your space on your 128MB SD card. So I had to delete unwanted photos, cursing and swearing and worried that I would miss some great Kevin shot, and also cussing the camera for being soooo slow in reviewing the past photos.

The next big irritating thing was that the two guys in front of me (the old man mentioned before plus this young guy with a really besar, i.e. big, camera) started to really block my view. They had been doing that all evening, but now, it was really bad. Ok, I'm quite realistic that with events such as these, you're gonna have such situations. But it was really bad. The young guy kept shifting, raising his arm or head at all the wrong moments, so that instead of a Kevin shot, I get a hand or head shot.... GRRRR.... Remember, as I had no space in the card, I had to go back and delete them, very slooooowly, and then try to catch Kevin as he walked to the left of the stage (which was also very infrequent)... Can die!

What was really surprising for me was the next to Kenix, Kevin was the most popular artist here. You should have heard the screams when his name was called. Somehow, the DJs' questions turned to his love life, and poor Kevin had to say that no, he does not currently have a girlfriend, but he's looking for one (doubtlessly playing to the crowd...) He sang the same song as the one he did for the All About Men CD.... quite nice too....

The entire event ended around 7+ pm, and it was a very tired, sweaty albeit happy me that made my way home, planning what to wear for lunch at the Esplanade tomorrow!!! More pixes hopefully tomorrow. Till then, over and out...