Sunday, March 05, 2006

Myolie scales 17m wall with Bosco at her side

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu did a spot of rock climbing yesterday as part of the opening ceremony for a charity event. The normally steady Myolie was pretty nervous, but with rumoured boyfriend Bosco by her side, she was still all sweet smiles. The 17m high wall posed no problems for Bosco who scaled it easily. However, Myolie was much clumsier, but she made it in the end.

After reaching the top, Myolie then had to rappel down. “This was my first time trying out rock-climbing and rappelling. Although I don’t have a fear of heights, when I reached the highest point of the wall, I realized that my legs had gone rather soft. But it’s ok! I like new challenges, and I’m the first female artiste to do something like this. Plus this is a charity event, so it’s quite meaningful. I think Bosco is very good at this.”

When asked to comment on recent rumours of sparks between herself and the Japanese model, she denied it. “I was not even in HK, so I don’t know what happened. (Do you think that there is a possibility of further development between you guys?) No lah, I don’t have time for relationships now.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun