Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ron and Ella would rather not earn money than appear together

The rumoured couples in HK’s entertainment circle have been very popular recently, with advertisers willing to fork out big bucks to invite the “couple” to their events as their guaranteed publicity. However, not all rumoured couples were willing to take up such offers. Ron Ng and Ella Koon was one of those. They both rejected an offer to film an ad, even though there was lots of money to be earned.

Having filmed Revolving Doors of Vengeance together, both Ron and Ella had to subsequently endure over a year’s worth of rumours, and they are sick and tired of it! Initially, they did not really care about the rumours, but they got more and more ridiculous. Now, both Ron and Ella are on each other’s blacklist. There were stories that Ron, upon hearing Ella’s name mentioned among the crew, had asked them to shut up. Ella too had asked people never to mention Ron’s name to her.

Responding to the news that Ron and Ella refused to do commercials together, Ron’s manager denied this saying, “Whether or not a job is accepted depends on its nature and whether there would be any scheduling problems.” However, Ella’s manager admitted that advertisers had approached them to do an ad together, but fearing problems, he had turned them down.

Because of Ron, Ella has lost out on many opportunities to earn money. Recently she won $5K in a TV programme, and she said that she was finally able to fulfil her dreams of getting her teeth straightened out. She said, “I have buck teeth, but my fans don’t mind. But I hope to get the fixed.” As she would have to wear braces for a year, Ella was teased that she would not be able to kiss her boyfriend. However, what she hopes to get fixed the most are her ears – she has far too many ear piercings. Would she wear a nipple ring, she was asked? “No, after all, no one would see it!”

Photo and story sources: The Sun