Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Liza and her dogs

Fu Fu (left), Lucky (centre) and Mao Mao (right)

Liza Wang’s three dogs are the pride of her life. Lucky, Mao Mao (毛毛) and Fu Fu (福福) are very loving, lively and cute. They get along very well, and Liza’s love for her pets is extremely visible.
Lucky is the only male among the three. He is gentle and he eats slowly and daintily. Labrador Fu Fu is the greediest, and she has a little tummy to prove that. Golden Retriever Mao Mao is active and loveable, and all three are extremely obedient.

Liza says of her dog, “They are very friendly and obedient, and I’m lucky to have them as my companions. They are about 3 years old, and the youngest of the bunch is Lucky. I took him in after my neighbours next door moved back to Europe. He was only three months old then. Mao Mao and Fu Fu were bought by Kar Ying. The three get along very well.”

Normally, Liza goes shopping for her pets when she is in the US, buying them clothes and food. “Taking care of dogs requires a lot of attention. When they are young, you have to bring them for jabs and treat them when they are sick. You also have to regularly trim their fur, take care of their teeth and nails.” As this is the Year of the Dog, Liza will be giving her dogs red packets for good luck.

What is Liza wishing for this Lunar New Year? “Good health and safety,” she replied, the shadow of the attempted car robbery and high speed chase last year in China, when she was with Kar Ying, still weighs deeply.Career-wise, last year was a very good year for Liza, with good ratings for her serial War of In Laws, and variety show 《名曲滿天星》. She also won the Best Actress Award for WOIL.

In this new year, she hopes that her career will be equally as smooth. She will be pairing up with Roger Kwok for a nostalgic, music-based serial called Pearl of the East 《東方之珠》,and in June, she will be throwing a concert. As you can tell, she will be very busy indeed.

Photo and story sources: Ming Pao Daily

Liza and Kar Ying off to Japan

Liza Wang and boyfriend Lo Kar Ying will be holidaying this new year. Together with 18 other friends, they will be going to Japan for 6 days and they intend to have lots of fun. Kar Ying seems to have mellowed quite a bit, and will not even be going snow skiing. Responding to that, he said that he did not know how to ski, but he intends to soak in Japan’s hot springs.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Ada wishes for good luck this new year

Last year, Ada Choi spent nine-tenths of her time filming in China, and this Lunar New Year, she is finally taking the time to stay in Hong Kong to spend time with her family. With regards to her new year’s wish, she replied from the heart, “I wish all my friends and their families good health this new year. For myself, I wish success in my career.”

She happily said that her luck in this Year of the Dog will be quite good, as most of the shows she filmed last year will be airing in China this year. One of the shows she filmed last year 《七劍下天山》,will be airing in China and Taiwan, and she hopes to reap the rewards of her hard work. Another serial she is waiting in anticipation for is The Dance of Passion. Public recognition for the show is high, and even TVB’s management believes that the show will do well.

With regards to romance, she laughed and said, “I still want to work hard on my career, so I won’t have time.” When asked if she will be giving out red packets, Ada said she would not. “I’m not an Ah Jie (big sister), but still a little sister. I’m not qualified to hand out red packets.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sammul spotted eating dinner alone on New Year's Eve

28 January was New Year’s Eve, the day that families got together to eat their reunion dinners. It was not the case for Sammul Chan. He was spotted having wonton noodles at an eatery at Race Course Road, and he was done in ten minutes. When he left, he kept his head down, and spoke into his phone, seemingly afraid of being recognized.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Ellie's comment: How the paparazzi managed to recognise Sammul in that outfit beats me... He's the one with the cap in the centre of the photo (I think..)

Michelle's high EQ saves her from being poisoned

Michelle Ye has certainly been one of the most gossiped about women in the Year of the Rooster, but it has also been because of this that her popularity has soared. She holds by the philosophy that it is negative publicity is better than no publicity, and thanks to her high EQ, she has not been “poisoned” by all the gossip so far.

However, the red packet that Michelle is most looking forward to in this Year of the Dog is from her boss of her management company, and not from her godfather. She said, “I’ve helped the company to earn so much the last year; a big red packet from them is quite normal.”Michelle took the opportunity to greet the new year with her family in Hang Zhou. When asked if she bought any presents for her family, she replied, “I had taken care of that earlier when I bought a house for them in China.”

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Ron gives Toby a motorbike ride

Ron Ng and Toby Leung were filming on New Year’s Eve at Central’s Lan Kwai Fong for the serial The Pain of Being a Man 《 男 人 之 苦 》. The plot has it that Toby’s family is very strict, so she is not allowed out at night, much less allowed to ride a motorbike. As Toby’s good friend, in order to fulfil her wish, he gives her a ride home on a bike.

During filming, TVB specially loaned a Harley Davidson for the show. It turns out that Ron only has the pose of a biker, but not the experience. “Actually, I don’t have a motorbike licence.” He had once thought of buying one, but his family had objected due to safety reasons, and hence, he gave up the idea. Just into the new year, Ron only has two days’ leave. “On the third day of the Lunar New Year, I will be going to the Mainland on business. I hope that in this new year, I will be able to develop my singing, acting and movie careers.”

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Jessica's too busy for romance

Jessica Hsuan has been filming in China this period of time, and returning to Hong Kong, she has been caught photographed with a foreign male friend having dinner. When asked about the report, Jessica said, “We’re just friends having dinner together. (Did he spend the night at your place? He gave me a ride back and left once I reached home. (Is there any possibility of a relationship development?) Who knows? Perhaps because I’ve not been dating for a long time, people upon seeing me together with a man are particularly sensitive.” In reality, Jessica has been filming in China for three months, and she is due back for more, hence she took this opportunity to meet up with friends.

On New Year’s Eve, Jessica and her friends left Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year overseas. She revealed that in three months’ time, she would be filming a new show revolving around gambling 《賭場風雲》in the Philippines, and thereafter, she is due overseas to film a commercial, so she’ll be really busy. When asked if she hopes that the new year will bring a new romance, she replied, “I’ll leave it to fate. I won’t think too much about it.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sunday, January 29, 2006

TVB wishes everyone GONG HEI FATT CHOY!!

Photo sources: Takungpao

Thursday, January 26, 2006

And baby makes it three for Nick and Esther

Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan are proud parents of a baby girl weighing 7.3 pounds. As a first time father, Nick was both excited and nervous. His most memorable moment? Cutting the umbilical cord of his daughter. Despite having a great fear of blood, Nick had taken the initiative to ask the doctor to allow him to cut the cord. “When I held the scissors, my heart was beating so fast, and my hands were trembling. When I saw my baby being born, I was so touched that I cried. Right now, I’m thinking of a beautiful name for my daughter.”

Photo and story sources: Ming Pao Daily

Joe and Charmaine grabs attention with their 70s look

Yesterday, Phoenix Quartet 《鳳凰四重奏》was filming an outdoor scene at Central’s Empress Pier. Both Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma were styled in a 70s look, causing quite a few passers-by to stop and take a second look. There were also a few requests for photos with the stars. One of the passers-by was also heard commenting to Charmaine “You’re so skinny!”

PQ is made up of 4 mini-stories, and Joe has been more than a little confused by the changes in roles. He said, “It’s so confusing. I sometimes call Charmaine by the wrong name.”

In this story that they were filming yesterday, Joe is a Charmaine’s chauvinistic husband who has been fired from his job. He keeps his unemployment from his wife, and continues to wear his suit to ‘work’, except that he spends his time playing chess with the elderly. He is finally found out by his wife when she bumps into him while shopping one day.
Charmaine’s currently airing LWOLAP has been shifted to the 10pm slot and when asked why, she said that that was the company’s decision.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao

Sonja's look as an angel for OSIM

Sonja Kwok, Osim’s spokesperson, has just filmed a commercial for their new product, OSIMuZap. Her look for the commercial – that of a sexy angel. In his bid for perfection, the director even spent a 6-digit figure custom-making the special, 20 pounds wings and Sonja’s sexy shimmery costume for the shoot. He then spent a 7-digit figure creating a bridge for the scenery, to match her elegant and beautiful look for the shoot. The entire shoot took 12 hours, with numerous retakes to get the best shot. Sonja said, “I have filmed several period dramas and experimented with several looks, but this is my first ‘angel’ look.”

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Ron always takes the necessary precautions

In the new serial, The Pain of Being a Man 《男人之苦》, Ron Ng will have pre-marital sex with Toby Leung, resulting in her being pregnant, and hence, being beaten up by her father (played by Damian Lau). When asked if he would take “precautions” in real life, Ron laughed and said, “I always take the necessary precautions before starting work!”

Ron also took the opportunity to sympathise with fellow singer Justin Lo who had been secretly photographed. “I am very careful. I tend to bring my dancer friends (mix of guys and girls) back home. If I’m not careful, I will be photographed together with my male friends, and then the mags will say that I’m gay!” It turns out that Ron normally walks around in singlet and shorts with his hair uncombed while at home, and he keeps his curtains drawn to prevent himself from being secretly photographed.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Yoyo's new hairstyle

With CNY fast approaching, Yoyo Mung has taken the plunge and cut her hair short just before going on her Europe holiday. With her new look, she hopes that the new year will bring her good luck.

Yoyo did not have any second thoughts before snipping her locks off. “Actually, I had decided to cut my hair short already. I will be acting as a policewoman in a new serial, and the producers were hoping that I would change my look. My friends all say that my new short hairstyle looks very nice! If I like, I might even cut my hair again before the filming begins.”

This will be Yoyo’s first time not spending CNY with her family. “Mom was very understanding. She knows that if I don’t go on my holiday now, I won’t get a chance until the end of the year, so she told me to have fun. This will be the first time I am spending CNY on a holiday!”

Yoyo will be visiting France, and when asked if she was hoping to meet someone there, she laughed and said, “I will be so busy looking at the scenery. Where would I find the time to look at men?”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Some interesting news from other sources

Most attractive side profiles

Xinhua, a China Site, has put up on its site 16 most attractive profiles. Jessica Hsuan was included on the list at number 2. Miriam Yeung at 5 and Twins 7 and 8 (Gillan then Charlene)

Profiles meaning side view of face - full list
1. Karena Lam
2. Jessica Hester Hsuan
3. Fan Bingbing
4. Saya
5. Miriam Yeung
6. Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk
7. Gillian Chung
8. Charlene Choi
9. Huang Shengyi
10. GiGi Leung
11. Stephanie Sun
12. Cecilia Cheung
13. Liang Jingru
14. Vicki Zhao Wei
15. Zhang Ting
16. Chaerim

Credits and all Photos to Xinhuanet.com. Posted by toomanysidesof me at Asian Entertainment News Forum.

Salaries of some artistes exposed!

TVB entertainers' salary are exposed! A few of TVB's Fa Dan and Siu Sung's contract has been revealed, including their salary and other contract regulations. It is said that someone has secretly revealed the confidential files.

The report said that Gigi Lai had the highest pay and has received 27,000HK when she sang 8 songs during an event. Bowie Lam's salary is the same as Gigi's with Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh less than theirs.Other than revealing the salaries, the conditions on the contract were also exposed. Taking Sonjia Kwok as an example, she receives 28,000HK for a beauty comercial and 10,000HK for 5 promotional functions.

TVB manager has responded that the contracts are confidential and will not be revealed. The file organizers takes care of them and should not have been exposed. The report is only an imitation, no one knows whether it is real or fake.

Translated by xbunnylicious at Asian Entertainment News Forum.

Charmaine to beware this CNY

Beauty and cutie Charmaine Sheh was born in the year of the rabbit and her horoscope suggests that she will have a lot of luck in love this year, making her very happy as she seems to welcome any offers: "Really? It better come true because in my line of work, 'love' is very important because it can also indicate good relationships with the audience and I will welcome plenty of this!". She seems determined to continue building her popularity in the year of the Monkey.As well as having good relationship luck, this year's horoscope warns Charmaine to be careful of accidents and with her motoring accidents in the last couple of years, injuring her neck, Charmaine laughs after hearing the warning: "I will be careful when I am driving, especially after not getting enough sleep when I will try not to drive."

Story posted at http://www.tvbspacenews.blogspot.com/ and Asian Entertainment News Forum

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pillowcase of Mystery publicity event

A Pillowcase of Mystery will be airing next Tuesday, and yesterday, the cast of POM, Bobby Au-Yeung, Kenix Kwok, Tavia Yeung , Sally Yip and Liu Jia Hui (劉家輝) were at Tsimshatsui’s Avenue of Stars promoting the serial. They came dressed in period costumes, and played games like 「洞房」(sleeping in the bridal chamber), etc. Kenix’s and Bobby’s conversation, as they shared the same ‘bed’ during the game was very ‘x-rated’.

When it came to the game of squashing pillows, Bobby asked Kenix to pretend it was Frankie. When it was Tavia’s turn, she used her legs like Kenix and Bobby said, “Wow! Girls nowadays have very strong legs. It must be because their muscles are stronger.”

POM will be airing at the 9pm slot after LWOLAP. It was chosen to air during CNY because of the show’s relatively light-hearted and comic slant. Bobby revealed that Kenix would be acting as a guy disguising himself as a girl in the show, and that she was a dead lookalike of actor Lam Kim Fai.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao, Oriental Daily

Bye bye Mandy ... see you in September

Mandy Cho is the spokesperson for the brand Squina, and she will be soon taking a break from show business, returning to the US to study. In a strange coincidence, Mandy and Squina’s previous spokesperson, Tiffany Lam, share a lot of similarities. Both share the characters 「敏莉」in their Chinese names, both were Miss Hong Kong runners-up, and both had stopped in the middle of their contracts to return to their studies. Speaking about Mandy’s contract, Squina’s owner said she would wait for Mandy to return to HK after completing her studies to continue being their spokesperson.

In a related Mandy-news, newly crowned MCI and the runners-up collected more of their prizes yesterday. Among them was sponsored cash and jewellery worth HKD$200,000. Giving out the prizes was Mandy, who was the brand’s spokesperson as well.

Speaking about returning to the US (she will be returning in September), she said, “Actually, I wanted to leave now, but I was afraid of being alone during CNY, so I decided to go back later.” She revealed that her school fees and accommodations would cost her a 6 digit figure, hence she would have to save on food, going on a diet. However, it was a worthwhile investment as she was investing in herself.

Commenting on Tracy’s Yip not being in the Top 5 for MCI, she said she empathised with how Tracy must be feeling. “I’ve been through it all, and I know the pressure that comes with representing HK in such contests. I thought that she did very well on Saturday, but she was not what the judges were looking for.”

This year’s MCI Lu Yi Hui has been suffering from dry skin since coming to HK, thanks to the fluctuating temperatures, and she said that beauty products she received as prizes came in very useful. After collecting all the prizes, she said she would be flying back to Johannesburg to spend CNY with her family. When asked if she would be considering a career in HK, she replied that she had one year left before completing university, and she had to discuss it with her family first.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Takungpao