Monday, February 27, 2006

TVB's recruitment exercise draws a huge crowd

Seeing Hong Kong Cable Television’s entertainment news channel do so well, TVB struck back by creating its own entertainment news channel. They managed to lure back veteran news host Xu Yong Shan (余詠珊) and also held a massive recruitment exercise for more programme hosts at Causeway Bay yesterday.

Besides Xu Yong Shan, they had also invited Nancy Wu and Kevin Cheng to form the judging panel. As of 4pm yesterday, several thousand people had joined the auditions, with some people starting to queue as early as 7am that morning. With the queues stretching from the hotel which was the venue for the auditions to a nearby school, both the organizers and the hotel had to dispatch some 30 security guards to help with the crowd control.

Most of the interviewees’ performances were unique and one of the judges said, “Quite a lot of the interviewees have returned to HK from overseas, with those from Canada forming the largest number. There are also more guys than girls." Apparently, one of the criteria was that the interviewees had to be a HK citizen. However, there were many Mainland Chinese and foreigners trying their luck at the auditions as well. Although they did not qualify, they refused to take no for an answer, and refused to leave.

Kevin had nothing but praise for most of the interviewees. “They were fluent and could speak several languages. However, a large number lacked personality, and because of that, lagged behind the competition.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sharon's and Tavia's hair troubles

Sharon Chan yesterday attended an event that was related to hair yesterday. As she has been filming lots of period dramas recently, her hair has suffered from lots of breakage, and was dropping out. She had to use special shampoo and avoid colouring her hair to take care of it. However, as her popularity has been increasing recently, she said that she would not ask the company to reduce her period drama roles.

With lots of guys balding early, Sharon said she did not mind men who shaved their heads as they were balding. She feels that they look cool! Responding to Rain Li’s comments about Raymond and herself (the playboy comment), she said that Rain did ask her about their relationship, but she had denied that there was one.

Tavia Yeung was also present at the event, and she too has had lots of her hair drop out thanks to filming her current period drama. The problem is actually quite serious, and she had to see a doctor to treat it.

She said that later on, she would be flying to The Philippines together with Bobby Au-Yeung and Bosco Wong for filming, and when asked if she was worried about the political instability, she replied, “not really, as we would mostly be in the tourist area. If the situation does get worse, the company will definitely make other arrangements.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Maggie's serial late-night filming draws complaints from residents

Maggie Siu and Wong Hei were at Causeway Bay yesterday filming for their new serial 《CIB刑事情報科》. Because of the loudness of the filming, coupled by the fact that it was around 1am, they have received lots of complaints from the residents in the area of noise pollution. A policeman was dispatched to the area to investigate the complaints, and it was only when TVB lowered the volume that filming was allowed to continue.

While resting, Maggie accepted an interview with a reporter and revealed that they had filmed till 6am that morning. Although they had to continue work the next day, it was not too tiring, as they would try to rest on the set whenever possible. Today was Maggie’s birthday, and when asked if she would be celebrating it with friends, she said that it was a private affair and would not talk about it. However, she did say she would be spending her birthday at work.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Relax .. Takeshi's still available

Recently, there was the news making its rounds around China’s chatrooms that Takeshi Kaneshiro was getting married, breaking the hearts of many girls. According to the news, he tied the knot with his girlfriend (she’s not in the entertainment industry) three months ago in a private wedding ceremony, and Mrs Kaneshiro was now one-month pregnant.Although the rumours sounded real enough, Takeshi’s manager has stepped forward to refute them. “This is such a silly rumour, har har har… There are always lots of rumours, so I won’t even bother to tell him (Takeshi) about this.”
Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Rain hints that Ray is a playboy

Raymond Lam and Rain Li attended a Burberry event yesterday. Raymond had been romantically linked to Rain previously, even before current rumours of him and Sharon Chan, Fala Chen. Rain revealed that she had spoken to her good friend Sharon about the supposed relationship. She said that Sharon was looking for a long-term, stable relationship, and not a fling, hinting that Ray is a player!

Rain made her entrance in a low-neck floral dress, and said she had taken necessary precautions to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. She said she knew that Ray would be also attending the show, and when asked if she still kept in contact with him, she said, “I have watched some of his shows. If Sharon Chan is acting in it, I will surely support her and catch it. Recently for my birthday, I sent him an SMS to invite him to my party. However, he said that he was going to be in China and could not attend.”

With regards to the Ray-Sharon romance, Rain said, “I had asked Sharon about it, and she said it (the rumours) was not true. She wants a long-term relationship and not a fling. (Are you saying that Ray is a flirt?) I don’t know. I just told you what I heard from Sharon. (If they are together, do you think Sharon will tell you about it?) Yes, she will. We are very good sisters.” Rain also said that if they had to do a show together, she would not hesitate. Not only would she not be embarrassed, there would even be new sparks arising between the two.

As for Ray, how does he feel being together at the same event as his rumoured ex-girlfriend? “That was a really long time ago. (Do you think that there would be a chance of the two of you doing a show together?) That depends on the company’s arrangement. (What do you think of Rain now?) She has lost quite a lot of weight. Looking good!”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Moses afraid of rumours

As part of his appearance in a shopping event, Moses Chan appeared yesterday at Tsimshatsui to participate, much to the delight of his fans. He laughed and said that although he was “sponsored” from head to toe, but because he has been spending much time in China, in order to catch up with fashion trends, he has to shop a bit.

He said that when he first entered the business, he blew his first month’s paycheck on new clothes. He only learnt to save much later on. When asked if he would accompany a female on her shopping trip, Moses replied, “No. I’m such a fodder for gossip. The moment I appear together with a female, there will surely be lots of gossip following.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Steven to wear swimming trunks if show does well

Steven Chan and Elaine Yiu were publicising their show Safe Guards yesterday. The show is scheduled to air tomorrow, and Steven has already arranged for a dinner gathering for the entire cast to catch the first episode. In order to make everyone even happier, he has sponsored a 4 digit figure for lucky draw prizes.

Although Safe Guards will be taking over from the highly-rated Pillowcase of Mystery, Steven is full of confidence that the show will do well. Elaine has even said that if the show does well, she will appear in a swimsuit if Steven dons the swimming trunks. Steven has been filming non-stop since July last year, and after this, he will be headed to Taiwan for a tour. He loves to soak in hot springs, and he will be headed to a private place to do so. With camera phones so commonplace, he hopes that this will prevent shots of himself sans clothes from surfacing.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ron and Tobey kiss in the rain

Ron Ng and Tobey Leung have been filming for half a month, and yesterday, they were working on a kissing scene in the rain. This will be Tobey’s first screen kiss so she was very nervous. However, the shot went off without a hitch, and both co-stars were very comfortable with one another during the scene.

The scene in The Pain of Being a Man 《男人之苦》, which took place on a beach, was one in which the lovers had a tiff before running off to the beach. Due to the rain and cold, the two had to huddle together for warmth, and because of the intimacy, something will happen (i.e. they had sex) that night.

This will also be Tobey’s first time acting as a pregnant woman, and she said that Ron was a good acting partner. “Normally, we would act the fools, but this time round, for this shoot, Ron was different. He was very into his character, and very emotional, and he helped to bring me into my character as well. He’s like a big brother, and this scene is actually our most comfortable these past 6 months.”

Ron has kissed quite a few fa dans since acting, including Shirley Yeung, Tavia Yeung and Leila Tong. He says these kissing scenes are not embarrassing, but the time with Shirley was more difficult. ”It was my first time, and there was lots of dialogue as well,” he said. He also said that in the past, he would also go for strolls on the beach with his girlfriends. “It’s not only romantic, but also cheap, as I didn’t have much to spend in the past.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Jessica films ad for Estee Lauder

Jessica Hsuan was filming an advertisement for Estee Lauder recently, taking time off to do it after returning to HK from Yunnan. Jessica, who was wearing a tube top, was extremely professional on the shoot, checking the film each time after the shoot to ensure she looked good. Which part of her body is the smoothest, she was asked. “The smoothest part is the one that no one gets too see,” she said awkwardly.

Talking about her filming in Yunnan, she said that the weather was pretty harsh – hot and sunny one moment, rainy the other. As a result, her skin became pretty dry. “Luckily, I like myself to be tanned! It looks healthier anyway.”

With regards to her love life, Jessica, who has been single for a year, hopes to be able to meet someone soon, and get married before she turns 40. “After so many failures and experiences, I am now more cautious. Communication is very important to a couple, and this is something that I am working on to improve.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Winnie to design baby products

Winnie Yeung attended a manufacturing event 「龍發製藥2006年春茗晚宴」yesterday night with her husband. Lau Dan, who is the spokesperson for the brand was also present. Winnie revealed that in this new year, she would be starting some small business with her husband publishing travel magazines and designing baby items. She said, “I’m a little nervous, but luckily, my husband is an experienced businessman, so I should be able to cope.”

What kind of baby items would she be designing? “My friends were very enamored with Chinese-inspired designs for bibs and clothes, and they feel that foreigners would love it as well. My friend in America has also agreed to be the distributing agent there.” Will her daughter be the spokesperson for her brand? “Of course. She is 9 months old, and the money I make will go into buying milk powder for her!”

Photo and story sources: Ming Pao Daily

Friday, February 17, 2006

Bernice's hot hip hop performance

The increasingly popular Bernice Liu performed a hip-hop yesterday live at 《勁歌金曲》, despite nursing a cold. Her dance was very energetic but no one seemed to notice that. The spotlight was on Bernice’s figure instead, with her curves displayed for all to see in the skin tight spaghetti top she was wearing. Even Joey Yeung, who was present, said that she looked great.

After the dance, Bernice emphasized once again that she was not selling her sexy image to break into the music industry. “I feel that be healthy is important, and while dancing, the most important thing is that you are happy and natural. My outfit today is actually more like a sports outfit.”

Bernice has just finished filming a serial, and she will be preparing to record her second song. When asked if rumoured boyfriend had given her a V Day present, she said she did not receive one.

Photo and story sources: The Sun, Oriental Daily

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kenix and Frankie romantic V Day dinner

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam spent V Day together, having a romantic dinner and then returning home to catch Pillowcase of Mystery. Talking about gifts, Kenix revealed that there are too many special events in the year, and sometimes, she does not know what to buy for the event. Frankie refused to say what he bought for his wife, but said that every year she would say that she is his gift.

Over their 12 years together, they had eaten at many places during the period, and it was difficult to decide where to eat that night. Kenix felt that the most important was spending the day together, and since she did not have to work, it was a relaxing day to boot. POM’s ratings is doing very well, much to Kenix’s delight, and she hopes that the ratings would continue to go up.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chilam denies news about Anita's pregnancy

Chilam Cheung is currently filming in Taiwan, and recently did a telephone interview. There was a piece of news recently that said that Anita Yuen was 5 months pregnant. When asked to confirm the accuracy of the news, Chilam said, “Thank you for your blessings in advance. I wish that the news was real.”

He feels that fatherhood is a natural part of life, and when asked if he is hoping to be a dad this year, he said, “I’m trying very hard.” Does he plan to have a kid after getting married? Chilam asked everyone to give them some privacy to let nature take its course. When asked if he would announce his wedding to the world, he said he would not as that was a very private event. How about a baby then? He replied that he would mention it only if someone saw it, but he would not take the initiative to announce it.

Does he prefers boys or girls? Chilam said that he had no preference and would be happy with either. Chilam could not say if he would follow Jacky Cheung’s example to take leave to accompany his wife during her pregnancy, but he said he would try to remain in HK as much as possible if that happened.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Jessica prepares for her dog's funeral

Jessica Hsuan was filming for a programme called Love in the City 《都市閒情》 and she brought her two dogs Boom Boom and Lulu to the set. 13-year-old Boom Boom could not stop shivering. Jessica said, “I have 6 dogs at home and all my dogs are strays. Boom Boom is the most personable and loves me the most. However, because of its age, it is frequently sick. I’m prepared for the worst, and am planning for its funeral. We’ll see what happens.”

She also said that Boom Boom would refuse to eat sometimes. “I have someone to take care of my dogs and this person also feeds Boom Boom spoon by spoon. However, I cannot be present as Boom Boom will refuse to eat.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Deep finally wins Nancy after a 2 year chase

Rumours about Deep Wu and Nancy Wu have been circulating for some time about them being a couple. Yesterday, Deep was photographed by The Sun (HK newspaper) dating and shopping at a supermarket. Later, Deep admitted on a programme that they were dating but refused to comment on whether they are cohabiting. “Our relationship has just started out, so it’s not on that solid a ground, so I hope that you will give us some privacy to develop our relationship further,” Deep said.

Deep revealed that he knew Nancy 9 years ago, but only started pursuing her these two years. He had been rejected repeatedly he said. “Two years ago, during my trouble with drugs, what made me happy was that she was willing to believe in me without any fear about how that might affect her career. However, I failed to win her then.” He describes their relationship as one that has developed over a long time. “I’m very happy that she is willing to take our relationship one step further. It shows that she has faith in me.”
Photo and story sources: The Sun

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ron's lady-killer move - give her diamonds!

Tomorrow is V Day, and Ron Ng is not worried about being lonely at all. “I will be filming Pain of Being a Man 《男人之苦》 and I will be with Tobey Leung and the rest of the cast.” Since breaking up with the his girlfriend 3 years ago, Ron has been single all these while. “Of course I want to date! (Have you had any girls offering themselves up to you?) No lah! (Do you have any killer tricks when dealing with girls?) Sending them diamonds! But I have never given any before. Now I have the money, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Ron admits that he is not a romantic person by nature. However, he has tried the old trick of placing the flowers in the boot and letting her discover them. But the most unforgettable memory was that of cooking for his girlfriend. “I’m not a cook, so my food turned out tasteless. But my girlfriend ate everything. No wonder they say love is great!” he said.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sammul gets along better with Leila

Sammul Chan and Leila Tong attended the 15th Day of the Lunar New Year celebrations yesterday. When asked how he would be spending that day (also known as the Chinese V Day), the currently single Sammul repled that he would be filming, the same as V Day. Does he envy the couples on the street? “Of course. So I hope to be able to find someone within the entertainment circle. (Do you have someone in mind already?) No one special yet, but I get along better with Leila and Bernice Liu.”

He also reveals that he buys gifts on standby each V Day just in case. “I have this habit. Even if there’s no one special in my life, I will still buy a gift just in case. But I haven’t given them away these past 5, 6 years.”Meanwhile, Leila denies dating someone from TVB’s management, and said she was spending the day with her family. When asked to comment on Sammul’s remark, she replied that they were good friends and got along well with one another.

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Ella has no one to kiss but a teddy bear

Yesterday, Ella Koon attended a function and had to kiss a teddy bear for 30s. Ella laughed and said that the kissing was a piece of cake, but as she had not dated for a long time, she said that the experience was rather dry. This V Day, she will not be going out with anyone, but luckily she’ll be busy filming Champion Rascal 《至尊無賴》. It turns out that two of her co-stars, Michelle Ye being one of them, will be celebrating their birthdays tomorrow, and Ella is planning a surprise birthday party for them.

Ella said that she does not have any special feelings about V Day, as if you were in love, everyday would be V Day. Recalling a V Day that she had before joining the industry, she said that she and her male friend went on a cruise on the river. Getting off at the riverbank, she was greeted by a heart scratched into the sand as well as flowers. However, she was not impressed and kicked the sand over the heart, destroying the guy’s effort.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Leila attends an event as a singer

Leila Tong, Kary and Ella Koon attended an event yesterday, and Leila came in her capacity as a singer. When asked if she has gotten used to being a singer, she replied frankly, “Not yet. I also don’t know the other singers very well, so we normally go our separate ways after each event.” When asked how she would be spending V Day, she replied, “I will be working. As I don’t have a boyfriend, the company will have to fill up this role. Maybe I’ll go out with some friends for a meal on that day.” Leila replied that no one was courting her, but neither was she able to detect if anyone was having a crush on her.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ella wants to be like Marianne and be a businesswoman

Since Ella Koon’s entrance into the world of entertainment, she has consecutively for two years, clinched the deal to be Marianne Chan’s spokesperson for her beaut school. Ella said that celebrities all had a shelf-life and she hoped to emulate Marianne and be a businesswoman.
In her capacity as her spokesperson, Ella yesterday attended a publicity event for Marianne’s Beauty Tech branch in Guangzhou. The appearance of both stars drew 20 reporters to cover the event, and there were also lots of fans clamouring for Ella’s autograph. It was a lucky thing that Ella was used to huge crowds, and she maintained her composure throughout the event.

Ella revealed that she had completed a makeup course, and jokingly said that if she were ever to change her mind about being a singer, she could be a makeup artist. “I admire the fact that Marianne has been able to put her fame to good use in her career, and I hope to be an entrepreneur in the future. Unfortunately, my makeup skill is terrible, so I can’t be a makeup artist. However, what I really want to do is to sell jewellery for women, because women’s money is easy to earn.” She also revealed that because of her publicity appearances after becoming a spokesperson, she has become more recognized in China.

Marianne said that her Guangzhou investment is the first in her step to penetrate China, and she hopes that in two to three years’ time, she would be able to invest a 7 digit figure to open 6 to 10 branches of her beauty school in China. When asked if she has had time to date, as her business is growing by leaps and bounds, Marianne laughed and said, “I haven’t dated. Everytime it comes round to V Day, I will always be very sad. (Ella says she admires you.) Ella is quite a hardworking artist.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Kenix possessed by Charmaine

Kenix Kwok and Benny Chan were publicising Pillowcase of Mystery yesterday. Although Bobby Au-Yeung wasn’t in HK, Benny and Kenix hammed it up for the games.

Tonight is the 15th Day of the Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese V Day). To bring about sweetness in the air, Benny, Kenix, Tavia Yeung and Lau Kar Fai ate cotton candy and played games. When it came to Benny and Kenix’s turn, Kenix said, “Wait. Let me ask Charmaine to possess me first!” Benny said he wasn’t embarrassed by Kenix’s words. “It doesn’t matter as long as everyone had a good time,” he said.

When asked how he would be spending V Day, Benny answered, “I will be filming an ad in Hainan, and I will be spending it alone” and laughed. Curious as to why he laughed, Benny replied that it was a forced laugh. When mentioned that Charmaine was spending V Day with others, he sidestepped the issue and said, “We both have our personal spaces.” Kenix, on the other hand, will be spending V Day with her hubby, but they would not be buying each other any special gifts.

POM’s highest rating in its second week of airing is 32 points. Benny admitted that he has not had a new serial released in 2 years now, so initially, there was a lot of pressure, and he was afraid of dragging lucky Bobby down with him. Bobby laughed and said that he never knew he was so important, and Kenix said that they would be waiting for Bobby to return before having a celebratory dinner.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Lucky Michelle shares her lucky draw win

Michelle Ye was spending the Lunar New Year with her family in Hang Zhou, returning recently to start work on a new movie called Champion Rascal (my translation) 《 至 尊 無 賴》. While attending a New Year celebratory dinner thrown by her management company, she won a lucky draw prize of $5,000, which she promptly shared with her manager.

Yesterday, she attended a publicity event. Michelle was heard coughing; it turns out that because she was busy working, she had fallen ill with a cold. Michelle was asked if she had visited her tycoon Godfather to pay her respects during the new year. Laughingly, she replied, “Not yet. (Are you planning to make it up?) The New Year will be over already. (Aren’t you worried about missing the visit?) No. Work comes first.”

Michelle’s birthday falls on V Day, and she revealed that she would not need to work that day. When asked how she was planning to spend that day, she replied, “It will be quite special as someone has dated me that day. I’m not going to tell you who it is. (Is it a guy?) I’m not saying! But I have already received many presents, but my favourite is the gift from my nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards ”

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

News from other forums ... enjoy

Bernice and Stephanie demonstrate hip hop dancing

With a sports look, Stephanie Cheng and Bernice Liu attended a dancing event's reporter's function yesterday. Both of them also revealed their skills in Hip Hop and modern Latin dances. Bernice seemed to be using too much energy and was revealing too much of her chest compared with Stephanie. About Bernice having the opportunity to starr in a Hollywood musical, she said, "I did go for a tryout but there were other people so it is not confirmed yet. Now the two companies are discussing with each other, but I'm already happy being able to try out. My company really gave me alot of opportunities."

As with Stephanie, she actually had two classes of Latin dance before, she said, "I really love to dance so I really enjoy doing this type of work. There's money and no pressure."

Translations by Xbunnylicious and posted on Asian Entertainment News Forum

Ron Ng: Tobey Leung is not my cup of tea

Yesterday Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung were guests to a shopping activity at the mall, attracting a large group of fans. When asked about the rumors of him and the daughter of TVB's high executive, Toby Leung, while filming for their new drama, Ron said impatiently, "I knew Toby a long time ago even before entering the showbiz. She is a very fresh, 'american-like' girl, but she is not my cup of tea. (Does Toby get taken care of by alot of people while filming?) No, no one can have that kind of special treatment!" Moreover, Tavia admits that she is a shopaholic and has tried spend over 10,000 dollars in one day.

Translations by Xbunnylicious and posted on Asian Entertainment News Forum.

TVB's highest paid actresses revealed

A secret source has revealed to a certain HK magazine about TVB stars salaries, and the magazine has now published the figures.TVB's highest paid actresses:
1. Liza Wong - HK$60,000 per episode
2. Kenix Kwok - $47,000
3. Gigi Lai - $45,000
4. Jessica Hsuan - $44,000
5. Charmaine Sheh - $25,000

Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam get the highest pay to sing songs at events, they both received $35,000 for just singing 4 songs at an event. But when it comes to salaries for filming TVB series, the highest paid is still Liza Wong, getting $60,000 per episode, followed by Kenix Kowk with $47,000. On the actors side, Roger Kwok gets the highest with $60,000, equal to that of Liza's. After the success of War and Beauty, Gigi Lai's salary has multiplied by 9 times. Before WAB, she gets $5000 per episode, but after the filming of WAB and winning the TVB fave actress award, she now gets $45,000 per episode, her salary has multiplied by 9 times, making her the actress with the fastest salary rise. Now she receives far more than Charmaine Sheh, who receives $25,000 per episode.

Posted by toomanysidesofme at Asian Entertainment News Forum

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ray and Sharon fight over dessert

Although Raymond Lam and Sharon Chan are not lovers, but for Valentine’s Day, both have joined hands to cook up a meal together. While their days as a swinging single would mean a lonely Valentine’s, but no worry! They will be spending that day with other friends to beat the loneliness.

Previous rumours of Ray and Sharon has failed to spoil the further development of their relationship, but this “relationship” is nothing more than a “brother-sister” one. The duo had planned to act as a couple for a photo shoot for a candlelight dinner for Valentine’s Day, but they ended up fighting over the dessert course they were preparing!

Ray and Sharon first prepared steak for the main course. Working together, Sharon was in charge of preparing the side dish (heart-shaped grapes), while Ray was to cook the steak. However, seeing Sharon’s clumsy efforts in cutting up the grapes, Ray could not help but to take the knife from her to do it himself. His deft movements drew cries of admiration from Sharon.
Ray then followed up to cook the steak within a short time, and it looked fantastic as well. However, Sharon nit-picked at the steak, saying that it was overcooked. Ray, being the gentleman, decided not to argue with the lady.

His steak was also well cooked. The argument was brought over to dessert, and their bickering was very amusing indeed. Talking about Valentine’s Day, both of them said that they wished they were dating someone. “Seeing people all pared up is such a bummer of a feeling. So of course, we hope to be dating, and to experience the sweet sensation of being in love. However, career comes first, so such romantic hopes have to be shelved for the time being. For V Day, we’ve dated our friends to go out and have fun.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Ron and Tavia - different views about Valentine's

Valentine’s fast approaching, and both Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung hold different expectations for that special day. Ron will wine and dine the special lady at a French restaurant, but Tavia prefers flowers, candlelight dinners and other “old fashioned” romantic gestures.

Tavia has never had a romantic Valentine’s before, and personally, she does not place too much importance on that day. “I have not officially dated anyone; it’s always been me having a crush on some one. I had once wanted to give chocolates to someone I liked a lot during V day, but at the last moment, my courage deserted me, and I ate the box myself!” she revealed.

Since joining show business, she’s always spent V day working, but should she every have the opportunity to experience a romantic V day, she hopes to receive a handmade gift from her boyfriend. At least with such sincerity, the flowers and candle light dinner will not be “too old-fashioned”.

Ron, on the other hand, currently places work as his No. 1 priority, but even if he were to run into lovey-dovey couples on the street on V day, he will not feel bitter and sour. “I don’t have anyone special in my life right now. Why should I find that day to be especially important than? However, in the past, I had tried both cooking meals for the girl and bringing her to a fancy French restaurant for a romantic dinner.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Ada's dream trip cancelled

Ada Choi will be filming a travel programme for TVB called Exploring Overseas 《 向世界出發 》. She was looking forward to travelling for this as being a staunt Christian, she would be able to visit the home of Christianity on this programme. TVB has been preparing the itineraries form the programme since last year, and the places they planned to visit include flying to different corners of the world, like Italy, Thailand and Dubai. The plan after the Lunar New Year was to fly Ada to Israel to film, but due to the instability after President Sharon’s illness, they had to cancel the trip. The programme is scheduled to air in April, and there would be 35 – 40 episodes.

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Sharon turns celebrity model for a make-up brand

Sharon Chan has become a celebrity model for a make-up brand, showcasing their new range of make-up. In addition to endorsement fees, her make-up will also be sponsored. It turns out that Sharon and her mom has always been fans of this particular brand, and had always wanted to be their spokesperson. Now she is not only their model, but she and her mom will get free make-up from now on – truly double happiness for Sharon!

Thanks to Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Sharon’s popularity has been on the rise, and hence her 6 digit paycheck. Laughingly claiming that she is easily contented, Sharon hopes to continue filming serials. Her current goal is to finish paying for her flat. She had taken out a 20 year loan, but within a short 2 years, she has saved enough to almost pay up the loan. Thanks to a property boom, she could easily make at least 4 million if she sold her flat. However, she does not intend to do so. After paying up, she intends to buy a larger unit, so that her family can be more comfortable.

Photo and story sources: Takungpao

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Spotlight turns on Raymond's weight gain

Raymond Lam returned to Hong Kong from China recently to help with publicity for Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion which is suffering from low ratings. However, the spotlight fell on Ray’s apparent weight gain. When asked, Ray said in embarrassment, “Am I really that fat? I just put on 2 pounds.” Upon returning to filming in the Mainland, he said he would try hard to lose weight.

Together with Sharon Chan, Ray was at Metro Radio station doing a radio interview. He revealed that he had gained weighted a little thanks to the good food available in China.
Talking about LWOLAP’s low ratings (it hit 22 points last week), Ray said that the show’s ratings have not risen or dropped dramatically. In fact, the later airtime for the show was beneficial, as more people could rush home to watch it.

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Jessica and Bobby as gamblers for a new TVB drama

Jessica Hsuan, Bobby Au-Yeung, and Tavia Yeung will be filming a serial revolving around gambling called 《 賭 場 風 雲 》.Jessica and Bobby will be taking on fresh roles as gambling addicts, and for both of them who do not gamble, this will be a challenge for them. The serial will be 30 episodes long, and following Revolving Doors of Vengeance, this will also be filmed at a casino in The Philippines. The overseas shoot will take about 3 weeks. The rest of the cast will be confirmed at the end of the month.

It was revealed that Jessica will be getting a custom-made “gambler” look and wardrobe for this serial, and she is learning several gambling techniques for this role.

Bobby will be showcasing his comedic side as usual. “I have never gambled in my life. But based on my years of filming and the different roles I have taken on, I should be able to handle this role,” said Bobby. “It will be my first time in The Philippines, and I’ve heard that the scenery is great.”

Photo and story sources: Oriental Daily

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Leila has no plans to give up acting

Leila Tong sang the theme song for 「癌轉譯研究組織」(a cancer organisation) and finally she has had a chance to get a taste of being a singer. The song is to encourage cancer patients to view life positively. Leila said “I hope that it would be able to help people.”

She filmed the MV with her “senior” Wu Ming Feng (吳銘鋒). When asked if she would also release a record, Leila said she would concentrate on acting first as she is not prepared enough to be a singer now. “Thins time round, I sang the song for this MV purely because I wanted to help people. (Do you have any urges to be a singer?) No. To be a singer, you need a long of preparation. I still am very interested in acting, and I have no plans to give it up."

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Sammul rapes Charmaine and cosies up with Joe in Phoenix Quartet

Sammul Chan has been busy filming Phoenix Quartet with Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma recently. He revealed that he gets “lucky” in the show, having two rape scenes with Charmaine. Filming for one scene even took four hours! “I was so embarrassed I broke out in cold sweat! As the scene required me to rip off Charmaine’s top, there was no way of avoiding any sensitive areas!” In another story (PQ is a serial comprising 4 stories), Sammul and Joe will engage in a homosexual affair. When questions came round to this, he was able to talk about it without embarrassment. “It’s not an ‘exciting’ scene. If you want to watch something exciting, go watch Brokeback Mountain.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Bernice grabs the lead role in Hollywood's adaptation of Miss Saigon

Bernice Liu has been accepting few filming offers recently, and the reason is now clear. The actress who can sing, dance and speak English fluently has accepted the female lead in the Hollywood adaptation of the broadway musical Miss Saigon. The movie will be directed by big Hong Kong director Hu Da (胡大) who was sourcing for a female lead amongst Hong Kong’s movie actress or lesser-known TV actresses. He finally settled on Bernice because of her good figure, great dancing and fluency in English.

Upon hearing this news, The Sun (local daily) contacted Bernice’s manager to verify that this news is true. She confirmed that Bernice did attend the auditions. “Maybe because Bernice has dancing background, so the movie company found her suitable. But whether she would be able to collaborate on this project, we’ll leave it to the movie company to announce. I can’t reveal this at the moment.”

Photo and story sources: The Sun

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sparks fly between Steven and Tavia despite sub-zero temperatures

Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung have been filming for Land of Wealth in Heng Tian, China. With temperatures dipping to -3 degrees, the two stars were forced to hug each other for warmth. Some guys just get all the luck.

The duo act as a couple in this show. In one of the scenes, Tavia is captured by some bandits, and in his solo bid to save her, both of them fall into the bandits’ trap, and are buried alive.
Steven said that the scene was extremely difficult to film. “As it was below 3 degrees, we were so cold that we had to hug each other for warmth, even though we were wearing diving suits underneath. And as we had to be buried in a 7 feet hole in the ground, the crew had to keep dumping sand to cover the hole. The sand kept getting into my eyes and it hurt a lot.”

During this filming process, Steven admits that there has been sparks between Tavia and himself. “Of course there would be sparks,” he said. “Tavia is an easy-going, smart and warm girl, and among TVB’s newest fa dans, she is the one that I admire the most.”And Tavia says that she has had a great time filming with Steven. Because he can be quite mischievous when playing, Tavia has nicknamed him “Crazy guy”.

Photo and story sources: The Sun